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    Do you know someone who serves on every committee, helps out at every event, runs errands for her parents, and anticipates and jumps to serve every need before her husband or children even ask? If you know her well enough to suggest that she needs help, get her a bottle of the Bach Flower Essence Centaury. (If that person is you, get yourself a gift.) In the negative Centaury state, service, devotion to a cause, and a genuine desire to help turn the person into a doormat – unable to say “No” to any request. These people are often tired, overworked, and slightly resentful that others take advantage of their good nature. But their desire for recognition and validation prevent them from developing their own individuality. They are simply too fearful of rejection to allow their own distinctive personalities to develop and to stand up for their own wants and needs. Energy from the Bach Flower Essence Centaury will help restore contact with the powers of one’s own will. Some believe that the negative Centaury state may represent a desire to avoid growing up. By remaining emotionally child-like and doing as they are bidden, these people do not have to learn to discriminate and decide. The choices are all made for them. People with emerging psychic abilities often fall into a negative Centaury state for a time. This is the result of a lack of balance when the psychic faculties become stronger than the will. In this state, people are easily made unsure, hurt, and upset. They may also become physically ill for no apparent reason. Those who fall under the spell of “enlightened” teachers are especially at risk of losing their own personalities and weakening their own chances of personal development. After treatment with Bach Flower Remedies, Centaury people realize that rushing to assist is not always helpful to others, as they hinder the learning process for both parties. They will also be able to say no, and to give service when and where it is appropriate. Another time when Bach Flower Remedies are indicated is after a prolonged illness, when the person has been unable to do anything for himself. At this time, Centaury will give new vitality to mind and body and allow the person to “return to living.”

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    One benefit of using Bach Flower Remedies to balance energies is the subsequent connection to one’s higher self. The need for this connection is no more evident than when a person is in a negative Cerato state. In this state, the personality refuses to recognize the role of the higher self – she lacks confidence in her own inner voice or intuition and instead seeks answers from external sources. Even though this person “knows” what is right, he distrusts and doubts his own decisions. Thus, he becomes annoying to others by constantly questioning. Even minor issues must be examined and other’s opinions sought. Because these people ask so much, they gather a great deal of information. But they don’t use it because they don’t trust in their own abilities to make a decision. Once back in a positive Cerato state, the individual will put this wealth of information to good use. Trusting in the judgment of others rather than in self often causes the negative Cerato personality to take action which is damaging and which is against their better judgement – just because an outside “authority” mandated that action. After using the Bach Flower remedy Cerato, the individual’s inner voice will once again be heard and will grow stronger. The person will gain an attitude of quiet certainty, so that no outside argument will deter him from a decision which he knows to be the right one. Once returned to a balanced energy state through Bach Flower Essences, the individual will not only trust his inner voice and feel secure in the knowledge he possesses, he will be curious, eager to learn, and enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others.

  • When Dr. Bach formulated his Bach Flower Essences, no one was speaking about Attention Deficit Disorder, but it would appear that those in the negative Chestnut Bud state do suffer from the condition. They seem not to be able to focus and learn from any experience, but instead to keep repeating them, and making the same mistakes over and over. The negative Chestnut Bud personality is self-willed and acts almost in childish defiance of the Higher Self. A person with this energy imbalance may date the same kind of person over and over – with the same unhappy results each time. They may buy the same color shirt repeatedly, even though the color doesn’t flatter them and thus they don’t wear the shirts. Those needing the Bach flower therapy to be gained from Chestnut Bud seem almost determined not to recognize cause and effect in their lives. Since the physical body does react to the spiritual state, these people are often ill – and if they stopped to recognize the patterns in their life, they would probably see that their illnesses are often triggered by the same life events – repeated over and over. These could come from personal relationships, such as an argument with a loved one, or from job-related stresses. Chestnut Bud appears to be a state of very young energy, and is frequently seen in children. These youngsters seem inattentive and absent-minded – always ready to fly off to a new adventure rather than carry through with present tasks. They’re forgetful, easily distracted, and are often mis-diagnosed as “slow” because their lack of attention prevents them from absorbing their lessons. When treated with the Bach flower remedy, Chestnut Bud personalities achieve better co-ordination between their inner thought activity and the physical situation. They begin to learn from their own experiences as well as the observation of other’s experiences. Mental flexibility and activity increase, so the person who was once considered slow and disinterested in life turns into a student eager to learn – especially with regard to learning from his or her own mistakes. Every experience – negative or positive – becomes an inner gain.

  • Crab Apple is one of the most interesting of the Bach Flower Essences, because it is used to treat both the inner and the outer self. Individuals in the negative Crab Apple State are focused so intently on order, purity, and perfection within themselves and their immediate environment, that they are quite often unable to see the larger picture. These people are prime examples of “Not being able to see the forest for the trees.” Once a detail that is “off” captures their attention, they can think of little else until they correct that detail. Their desire for cleanliness pushes those in the extreme negative Crab Apple state to exhibit the kinds of behaviours that would seem bizarre to others. For instance, they may wash their hands every few minutes, or take 6 showers in a single day. This overwhelming desire for purity makes those in need of this Bach flower remedy especially wary of insects, foods that have been in the refrigerator too long, and all kinds of infections. They are first in line for preventative measures when a new virus is announced. Those in an intense positive Crab Apple state are often healers – able to absorb, filter, and transform dark forces and blocked energies in others. People with that kind of energy are rare, but all persons in the positive Crab Apple state can share positive energies with those around them. On the physical level, Crab Apple, often combined with Pine, has long been used to treat skin disorders. It can be added to bath water or used as a compress. Combined with lotion, it is often used to treat wounds. Some Bach Flower Remedy practitioners recommend Crab Apple to aid in recovery from an incipient cold, or to counter-act the side effects of pharmaceuticals. It is also recommended to overcome the effects of a hangover. Because Bach Flower practitioners are continuously subjected to the energies of their patients, some take Crab Apple and Walnut between sessions to lessen the effect on their own energies. Along with aiding humans in their quest for happiness, this Bach Flower Remedy is used in combination with Feel5ive to treat pest infested plants or plants that have been re-potted and need a little help getting re-established.

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    Mimulus is the Bach Flower Essence for overcoming the fear of something that could be an actual threat, but has not materialized as such. Unlike Aspen personalities, whose generalized fears often cannot be named, the Mimulus personality fears real life. Fearing such things as a trip in an airplane, a shot from the doctor, a confrontation over some unpleasantness in the family, or an illness, the Mimulus personality is constantly filled with anxiety. The Mimulus baby will begin to cry upon awakening – even with no apparent reason, as if entering into this physical reality is just too painful to bear. Those with marked Mimulus traits tend to be physically delicate – with refined features and a tendency to blush easily, stammer, or suddenly become speechless. Others talk too much from sheer nervousness. Some are able to cover up their nervousness and appear self-confident in public, although they would prefer to be left alone. The Mimulus personality has a great need for “down time” to withdraw to a quiet spot and recharge without guilt. Mimulus children should always have their own room, as they need the quiet time to give their nerves a chance to recover from the day’s fearful activities. In the negative Mimulus state, individuals are hypersensitive to many things in the environment such as bright lights, noise, or an overabundance of activity – or even of food. When the pressure is great, the Mimulus person will fall ill, and they expect to fall ill. They’ll refer to a reoccurrence of “their headache,” “their bronchitis,” etc. Because they are over careful in recovery, their recovery is often delayed. The Mimulus personality is naturally peaceable, and even in anger is not threatening. Some in the Mimulus state will need Bach Flower Remedies as an ongoing treatment, as the world tends to keep throwing their energies back out of balance. Treatment will help them come to grips with the fact that dwelling upon their fears will only serve to attract the situations they seek to avoid. Once in the positive state, these individuals are able to use their human understanding and sense of humour to help others who suffer from similar anxieties. Treatment with this Bach Flower Essence will help the Mimulus personality find its way out of the confusion and tackle his fears – which causes anxiety to dissolve. When in treatment, focusing upon and resolving one anxiety often causes several others to disappear at the same time.

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    This Bach Flower Remedy would have brought great relief to a boy I once knew. His every conversation was peppered with the words “I’m sorry.” Most of the time, there was nothing to be sorry for, but he apologized anyway. Of course, through the act of constant apology, he irritated those around him – for which he apologized! A person in the negative Pine state may feel guilty over seemingly trivial recent events – he forgot to turn off the oven and burned extra electricity – or by both large and small events from long ago. He may even accept guilt for events that happened long before his birth – even going back to Adam and Eve. He’ll also accept the guilt for other’s actions. This trait is especially evident in children. The Pine child will become a scapegoat in school, accepting responsibility and guilt for other children’s misbehaviour. In the severe Pine state, the individual may apologize for his very existence, perhaps not recognizing that he deserves life, and certainly not recognizing that he deserves to enjoy life. This person asks more from himself than from others, setting high standards that often cannot be met – thus intensifying the guilt. This personality cannot stand up for itself, and feels guilt at asking others to be considerate – such as in asking his neighbour to turn down the stereo or quiet a barking dog. Lacking joy in life, he or she is usually physically tired and worn out. But, when he becomes ill from living in this state, he’ll apologize. He truly believes that he deserves both guilt and punishment. Thus, while longing for love and acceptance, he may choose an inconsiderate partner who makes his life even more difficult. A person in need of this Bach Flower Remedy truly does not believe that he or she deserves to be loved. Once cut off from love, divine energies cannot flow. Once treatment with this Bach Flower Essence has been successful, the Pine person is able to see and accept his own faults and mistakes – and let them go, realizing that mistakes are stepping stones in life. Once transformed, the tired and worn out Pine person becomes filled with energy and is able to help others in a similar state – sometimes just by radiating his energy in their presence.

  • When you simply can’t make up your mind, this Bach Flower Essence will help. If you’re missing opportunities in life because you simply can never decide which way to jump, you’re in a negative Scleranthus state. The Scleranthus personality is often compared to a grasshopper – jumping from one thought and idea to another in reaction to any and every outside impulse. While this personality does not seek advice from others – preferring to make up her own mind, she is influenced by those around her. She’ll listen to the arguments for or against an action and be completely on one side of the question – until she talks to someone else and hears the opposite view. While pondering both sides, she’ll switch her opinion back and forth enough times to make anyone dizzy. Often, this indecision causes her to miss opportunities, because the rest of the world simply won’t wait weeks for her to make up her mind. While the Scleranthus personality is most often seen in women, men have been known to suffer from it. These were people with whom you could not carry on an intelligent conversation because they switched subjects seemingly in the middle of a sentence. It takes all of your energy just to follow and try to figure out what they’re talking about now. The Scleranthus personality is clearly out of balance – but is constantly seeking that balance and trying to come to good decisions. Once cleared of the negative state, she is able to make decisions quickly and with intuitive confidence. While in the negative state, this person’s body as well as her thoughts and emotions can be in a state of turmoil. The imbalance may show up as complaints of the inner ear or motion sickness. Since her body can’t “make up its mind” her symptoms can change from day to day. Doctors can become frustrated with treating her, since one day she runs a fever, the next her temperature is sub-normal; one day she will experience ravenous hunger and the next have no appetite at all; one day she may experience diarrhea and be constipated the next. This person may also be “fidgety,” unable to sit still and concentrate. As with all negative states, the negative Scleranthus person is failing to listen and follow the guidance of her Higher Self. After treatment with Bach Flower Remedies, that connection will be re-established and these symptoms will disappear. Then she will show great powers of concentration and determination. She’ll be versatile and flexible, able to consider both sides of an issue and come to a correct decision. Once annoying, her presence will now be soothing to others.