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    • Did you know that insomnia affects almost one out of every three North Americans? To tackle this problem, most reach for a sleeping pill. Although sleeping pills will help you fall and stay asleep, they unfortunately interfere with normal sleep patterns and can lead to morning grogginess or difficulty getting going.Ść A natural solution is worth a try.ŚćOrange Naturals Sleep for AdultsŚćhomeopathic formula helps address symptoms associated with insomnia, such as inability to fall fully asleep due to exhaustion, irritation, worries or excessive mental excitement. It also addresses waking in the night, due to nervousness or anxiety. Sweet dreams. Try it!Ść Benefits Relieves insomnia Relieves nervous tension with sleeplessness Calms an overactive mind Eases restlessness Features Liquid format is simple to administer and absorbs quickly Medicinal grade alcohol base Non habit forming and does not causes grogginess in the morning