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    • MAIGA Pure Shea Oil is obtained by isolating and extracting the fatty elements that make Shea Oil coagulate into Shea Butter. Itäó»s a food grade product.ŚćRich in Vitamins A, E, D, F andŚćessential fatty acids, and natural sunblock. Great for moisturizing dry skinŚćand relieving symptoms of eczema, skin rashes, itching, peeling, sunburn, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis and dandruff. MAIGA Pure Shea Oil contains skin rejuvenating properties that help reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. It also protects the skin from the sun in the summer and from the elements in the winter. Provides a natural sun protection. Ingredients:Ść 100% Pure Organic Shea Oil Directions:Ść Shake well, and apply a few drops on your palm. Massage into face and body. Please note that the smell, color and consistency of the Pure Organic Shea Oil might vary based on the maturity level of the shea fruit.