Love Child Organics pear and beet teefies 6 x 14 g
  • Love Child Organics pear and beet teefies 6 x 14 g

Love Child Organics pear and beet teefies 6 x 14 g


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Love Child Organicsäó» Teefies are made from multi-grains (rice, buckwheat, amaranth and millet) and unlike other teething biscuits, have no added sugar or salt. They are designed to dissolve easily so are perfect for teething babies or as a snack for toddlers. Keep a package in your diaper bag for a teething emergency!

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In a world of health-conscious parents and confusing ingredient labels, Love Child Organics was created in 2013 on the promise of delivering truly healthy, clean and organic, baby and childrenäó»s food products. Everything started when the founders, Leah and John Garrad-Cole, had their firstborn daughter, Poppy. As new parents, they were shocked (and frustrated) to discover most of the äóÖorganicäó» baby food and childrenäó»s snack products contained unnecessary additives that were certainly not äóÖreal foodäó» and too often, also contained empty äóÖfilleräó» ingredients that provided little nutritional value. Leah, an experienced and enthusiastic home cook, began preparing her kidsäó» 100% clean, organic meals at home, and always added superfoods to ensure that each bite provided optimal nutrition for growth. She wanted her children to grow up with an appreciation for healthy äóÖrealäó» food, right from the start, and for clean, nutrient packed food to be her familyäó»s norm. Prior to becoming a mom, Leah worked for many years as a teacher of students with special educational needs, and she knew, without a doubt, the importance of a healthy diet for childrenäó» optimal growth and development. With Leahäó»s homemade recipes in hand, Love Child Organics was born, with the hope that all children could have access to truly honest, pure and delicious organic food that would include as many nutritionally-rich ingredients as possible. As a parent-founded, äóěvalues-firstäóť company, Love Child Organics aspires to create only the highest quality organic baby and childrenäó»s food, and to run our business with a sense of social responsibility, making a difference on larger scale.Ść They look forward to the privilege of growing their product range alongside you and your families. From the Love Child Organicsäó» kitchen to yoursäó_

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