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  • Happiness comes in clusters. Hippie Snacks Coconut Clusters, that is. Organic roasted coconut is combined with crunchy, nutrient-packed seeds to create a low in sugar, on-the-go snack you wonäó»t have to think twice about. Better yet theyäó»re organic, gluten free, vegan and non-GMO

    • WellBetX Berberine contains a natural compound extracted from barberry roots
    • The unique way in which berberine acts on the body makes it a useful natural option for supporting blood sugar balance
    • Modern evidence shows berberine plays a role in blood sugar metabolism, and supports cardiovascular health by maintaining healthy blood lipid levels
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    • A classic cheesie shape with a uniquely bold flavor
    • Snack time will never be the same!
    • In this soup, its creators say, “Here’s to the tomato!“, ripened by the sun on a farm that they know well
    • The warmth of summer is captured in its sweet, delicious nature
    • Pureed with a hint of cheddar cheese to balance out the sweetness of the tomato with only half the sodium
    • Organic
    • Non GMO
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    • Hit the gym with a brand new power drink!
    • They didn’t just infuse their kombucha with ginger because it’s restorative, detoxifying, and zen-instilling – they did it because baby’s got bite!
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    • Hand-picked by a women’s cooperative in Morocco, New Roots’ organic argan oil is a lightweight, fast-absorbing nourishment for your skin
    • It prevents and reduces wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars, while leaving your skin supple and moisturized
    • Place 5-8 drops in your hand and gently massage the oil on your face and neck
    • Larger body parts may require more oil. Best applied on moist skin, such as following a shower or bath, before bedtime
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    • Supports kidney, liver and gall bladder health
    • Helps eliminate gallstones and kidney stones
    • Protects the liver from toxins
    • Helps with urogenital conditions and is anti-viral An effective dosage of a traditionally used and scientifically proven remedy
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    • The Original 30ml Bach Mixing Bottle for mixing your own selection of Bach Flower Remedies
    • More than one Bach Flower Remedy may be suitable for your situation
    • If so, you can combine up to 7 remedies if necessary
    • This pack contains one 30ml mixing bottle with 4 labels for multiple use
    • Please ensure the bottle and pipette are cleaned in boiling water between preparations
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    • Inflammation and free radical damage increase as we age, contributing to many health problems
    • Natural Factors Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory made from the highest quality French maritime pine bark
    • Pycnogenol strengthens cell membranes, contributing to improved circulation, younger looking skin, lower cholesterol, and better blood sugar balance
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    • Provides temporary relief of some of the symptoms associated with vertigo such as dizziness, spinning, imbalance and ringing in the ears
    • Helps provide temporary relief for dizziness
    • Works to address sensations of spinning, ringing in the ears and vertigo
    • Liquid format is simple to administer and absorbs quickly
    • No artificial flavours
    • Medicinal grade alcohol base
    • Natural Factors Ubiquinol Active CoQ10 is the active form of coenzyme Q10 which is naturally produced by our cells and is significantly better absorbed, particularly as we age
    • CoQ10 helps maintain cardiovascular health and offers antioxidant protection for the maintenance of good health
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    • For those who rely only physical energies rather than drawing strength from higher sources – and have become severely out of balance energetically
    • This remedy brings peace, regeneration, and restored balance
    • Allows one to once again reach to higher energy sources – those of the Universe
    • Helps one to be able to recognize their bodies’ early warning signals
    • Gives themselves over to their inner guidance
    • Helps one to appear to have inexhaustible resources
    • Helps cope with extreme stress while remaining balanced and even joyful
    • Strengthens both body and soul
    • Helps recognize and honor the needs of his or her body
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    • With the Made in Canada Power Stick, get clean, mineralized, alkaline water from your tap at home, office, yoga studio, gym, and outdoor water fountains!
    • Activate the Santevia POWER Stick by submerging it into bottle or glass
    • Shake or stir for 30 seconds. Water will reach optimal pH and chlorine reduction within 3-5 minutes. It’s that simple!
    • The Santevia POWER Stick is a masterpiece of unpressurized filtration technology
    • Water filtered through it meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for chlorine reduction, taste, and odour
    • Improves taste
    • Reduces chlorine levels between 90% and 99%
    • Adds essential minerals
    • Raises pH
    • Reduces damaging Oxidation Reduction Potential
    • Is incredibly easy to use
    • No suction or squeezing!
    • Is an eco friendly choice
    • Each one can prevent 300 single-use water bottles from entering landfills
    • Filtration Life: 3 months or 180L/48 gal
    • NOTE: the Santevia Power Stick is intended for use with microbiologically safe water only
    • Prairie Naturals Moonshine Silica Finishing Serum is a concentrated formula designed especially for hair repair
    • This alcohol free formula contains pure Silica Extract 3% which helps repair damage, minimize split ends and restores strength and moisture to hair
    • Enriched with natural UV protectors, Moonshine Silica Finishing Serum will shield hair from environmental damage
    • Moonshine Finishing Serum enhances the natural highlights and colour of hair and will leave hair brilliantly shiny and healthy looking
    • Prairie Naturals products are fragranced with pure, natural aromatic plant oils
    • Big Sky Tea Tree Medicinal Conditioner moisturizes and provides relief from minor scalp irritations
    • Specially formulated with Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), this unique blend of essential oils and botanicals invigorates and stimulates the scalp to promote healthy hair without disturbing the natural acid mantle
    • Tea Tree Oil is a natural and non-toxic astringent which acts as an effective disinfectant, bacteriastat and fungicide
    • Herbal extracts and natural plant emollients leave hair looking and feeling soft, shiny and manageable
    • Prairie Naturals Hair Care products are naturally fragranced with pure, natural aromatic oils
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    • Maintains Good Health Helps in tissue formation including red blood cells, and maintains bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums
    • Helps metabolize proteins, fats, carbohydrates
    • High potency
    • 100 mg B Complex
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    • Inari organic coconut flour is made from 100% pure, fresh, organic coconut “meat” that is dried, defatted and finely ground
    • This flour is rich in dietary fibre and suitable for a variety of specialized diets (e.g. gluten-free, raw food or carbohydrate-restricted)
    • Inari coconut flour has a slight nutty odour and flavour profile that helps to enhance the taste of other ingredients (i.e. chocolate, vanilla, etc.)
    • It also helps to improve the texture of baked products and can increase baking yield by 14 – 38%
    • Coconut flour can be easily substituted for a portion of wheat flour in a variety of recipes
    • Consider replacing 5 – 15% of wheat flour with coconut flour when making muffins, bagels and breads and 10 – 40% for cakes, brownies and cookies
    • Honestly, doesn’t taste like Pesto!
    • Made by hand in small batches
    • All-natural
    • Luxury ice cream like you’ve never tasted before!
    • Jersey cattle dairy milk
    • Handcrafted, with an obsessive attention to detail
    • Progressive MultiVitamins for Adult Women addresses the nutritional needs of a “normal” modern lifestyle
    • For those who do not exercise, who experience average stress, and are not constantly on the go, Progressive MultiVitamins for Adult Women is the perfect fit
    • L-tyrosine is an amino acid which helps restore dopamine and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters important for maintaining mood, and which become depleted by stress, including prolonged work or exercise, exposure to cold, and sleep deprivation
    • Supplementing with Natural Factors L-Tyrosine helps the body manage stress, and improve mood, energy levels, and alertness