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    • Floral and fresh, with a hint of sweetness, Dr. Bronner’s Rose Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective
    • It’s made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients, packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle
    • Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are good for just about any cleaning task
    • Face, body, hair & food, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets – clean your house and body with no synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents!
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    • Spectrum brand Organic Red Wine Vinegar is a classic
    • It is made from a variety of organic Italian grapes and aged to perfection
    • It adds a wonderful, zesty flavor to any vinaigrette
    • Add a little spice to your life with Simply Organic Spicy Chili Mix!
    • This lively mix of organic spices easily creates a wholesome chili with a serious kick
    • Featuring ground chili peppers from New Mexico, the “Chili Capital of the World”, along with cayenne and cumin for mouth-watering heat, earthy smokiness and intense flavor
    • In a large saucepan, thoroughly cook 1 lb. ground beef. Drain, returning beef to pan
    • Add one 15 oz. can of beans (your choice) and one 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes to meat
    • Mix packet contents into saucepan, bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes or until desired thickness is reached
    • Makes 5-6 servings
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    • Helps to maintain immune function
    • Zinc is an essential antioxidant mineral that is found in almost every cell. It is important to overall health and particularly insulin production, hormone regulation, male fertility, eye health, skin health and immune function
    • Although our zinc levels are difficult to measure because of how zinc is distributed throughout the body, it is likely that a significant percentage of adults in North America have marginal or inadequate zinc intake. Signs of deficiency include white spots on finger nails, hang nails, hair loss, dry skin, frequent colds, poor wound healing, and acne. The risk of sub-optimal zinc levels increases in the elderly, vegetarians and vegans, people with digestive or gastro-intestinal conditions, those with kidney or liver disease, as well as in pregnant and lactating women
    • In addition, high-dose iron, and common drugs including antibiotics and diuretics negatively affect zinc levels
    • SISU Zinc Lozenges provide high-potency zinc in a convenient, great-tasting lozenge that can be taken year-round for better hair, skin and nail health, or as additional support throughout the cold and flu season to boost the immune system and improve our resistance to infection
    • High potency, provides 23 mg of elemental zinc
    • Supports immune system function for improved resistance to colds, the flu, and other infections
    • Even mild degrees of zinc deficiency can impair the function of key immune cells, such as macrophages and neutrophils as well as natural killer cell activity Ideal for people at greater risk of sub-optimal zinc levels, including vegetarians, people with digestive conditions, kidney or liver disorders, and people taking high-dose iron, antibiotics, or diuretics
    • Essential for clear skin and strong hair and nails
    • Delicious, natural lemon-lime flavour, naturally sweetened with cane sugar
    • Less than 1 gram of sugar and less than 5 calories per lozenge
    • Suitable for adults and children ages 9 and up
    • Made with non-GMO ingredients
    • Natural Factors Selenium is a mineral supplement for the maintenance of healthy body cells and good health
    • Selenium is a vital antioxidant whose principal function is to inhibit the oxidation of fats
    • It protects the immune system by preventing free radicals from damaging the body
    • Natural Factors Active B Complex is a one-per-day formula featuring highly bioactive essential B vitamins for effective support of healthy energy metabolism and nervous system function
    • B vitamins are vital for the release of energy from food and for healthy nerves and restful sleep, especially during times of stress
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    • A homeopathic medicine that works naturally
    • No side effects, no drug interactions, no contraindications, and no “masking” of symptoms
    • Regulated as a OTC (Over the Counter) drug by the FDA and CFIA
    • Do not use if pellet dispenser seal is broken. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist for more than 3 days or worsen. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children
    • INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients Chamomilla Vulgaris 3X to 30X – 3C to 30C HPUS (The letters HPUS indicate that these ingredients are officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States)
    • INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: sucrose lactose
    • Turn tube upside down & twist cap. (Adults/children): dissolve 5 pellets in the mouth 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by a doctor
    • Contains approximately 80 pellets
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    • Calcium and magnesium formulation with added vitamin D, phosphorous, manganese, molybdenum and vanadium
    • 2:1 ratio to help maintain muscle function and to help in tissue formation
    • A factor in the maintenance of good health
    • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
    • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins
    • Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
    • Helps to prevent manganese deficiency
    • Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may help promote healthy bones and joint comfort
    • Easy-to-use
    • One daily capsule ensures patient compliance
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    • 15 day, two-part herbal cleanse formulated specifically for the “first time” or “sensitive” cleanser
    • Gently stimulates the cleansing and detoxification process of the body’s 7 channels of elimination: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system
    • First Cleanse is strong enough to be effective but still gentle
    • First Cleanse has a very gentle action on the colon
    • Contains no laxative herbs such as casgara sagrada or senna
    • Contains no magnesium hydroxide
    • Includes FibreSMART as part of this cleansing program
    • Please read product description for use and warnings
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    • Rich in polyphenols
    • Contains antioxidant compounds that help prevent free radical damage in cells
    • Help promote optimal health
    • Standardized formula to ensure consistency and potency
    • Contains highly purified polyphenols rich in natural green tea catechins.
    • Helps guard against cardiovascular disease
    • Lowers cholesterol levels and improves the cholesterol profile
    • Rreduces platelet aggregation and lowers blood pressure.
    • Stimulates production of several immune system cells
    • Ssupports healthy weight loss by decreasing the absorption of fat in the digestive tract
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    • Experience head-to-toe hydration with the ultimate in therapeutic body lotions!
    • Kalaya Naturals Omega Lotion employs a unique blend of Omega Rich ingredients that feed your skin with all of the Essential Fatty Acids necessary to nourish, moisturize and protect against environmental damage and dryness
    • Designed by a renowned Canadian Physician and an award winning Compounding Pharmacist to lock in moisture for comfort and radiance, the Kalaya Naturals Omega Lotion is ideal for both sensitive and normal skin from head-to-toe
    • “Food for your Skin”
    • Restores and maintains healthy skin
    • Provides and retains hydration to the skin 100-Percent Natural
    • Canadian Made All natural head to toe moisturizer for people with sensitive skin
    • Great for dry, cracked skin
    • Apply as desired
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    • Refrigerate solid cheese in its original wrap until opening
    • After opening, re-wrap the cheese tightly in moisture proof wrap, such as foil wrap or an airtight container
    • Serve cheese at the recommended serving temperature, which varies according to type
    • Do not store cheese with other strong-smelling foods, as a cheese breathes it will absorb other aromas and may spoil
    • If you can’t use a whole cheese at once, cut off only what you can eat and keep the rest in the refrigerator
    • Moving cheese back and forth from the refrigerator only hastens moisture loss and spoilage
    • Generally, cheese should not be frozen – you will alter the flavour and texture and it will become crumbly with freezing, however, grated cheese keeps well in the freezer and can be used straight from the freezer for cooking
    • The shelf life of cheeses varies from one type to another
    • Generally, the softer the cheese, the shorter the shelf life
    • Warm and citrusy at the same time, Frontier’s Coriander Seed is enjoyed in curries and chili, cookies and cakes
    • A sister to cilantro — both come from the same plant — coriander seed has a lovely, fragrant aroma once ripened
    • All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the parts most traditionally used in cooking
    • Strongly and complexly aromatic, earthy, pungent, slightly bitter and astringent, Frontier’s Oregano Leaf is a robust spice
    • It is indispensable in Italian, Mexican and Mediterranean cooking
    • Its special affinity for basil makes the two a great combination in vegetable, cheese, pasta and tomato dishes, and especially pizza
  • All Natural Non- GMO Gluten Free Low Sodium Kosher Dairy Free Nut Free Product and Facility

    • Recommended for individuals who typically experience gastrointestinal symptoms when taking vitamin C, Natural Factors Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate is buffered with calcium so it is gentle on the stomach
    • Natural Factors ECHINAMIDE Anti-Cold Echinacea & Goldenseal Tincture is certified organic and clinically proven for relief of sore throats and coughs
    • This combination of British Columbia-grown echinacea flowers and roots with goldenseal roots work together to fight a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and yeasts
    • Introducing routine: the most effective natural deodorant!
    • Fresh on the market and wildly popular, routine’s effectiveness has made it a word of mouth, sought after product. Routine is ethically crafted with the health of our planet and all of its roommates as priority
    • Created by sisters Neige and Pippa, routine is and will always be, manufactured in Canada. Routine has a deodorant for every body type and scent preference. They offer 12 scents and 3 formulas (including vegan and sensitive skin) using only clean and wholesome ingredients. No aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, or propylene glycol.
    • Routine is applied in the same way as any other lotion. This alternative application method reduces bacterial contamination to the product, in turn making it effective to the very bottom of the jar. Each jar last 3-6 months with regular use. It is always tested on friends, never animals.
    • This Routine De-Odor-Cream Natural Deodorant has a clay and beeswax formula with a sweet and warm scent of apples and fragrant spices
    • This effective, natural deodorant is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women as it is scented with flavour oils (delicious, natural and organic) instead of essential oils
    • Gently smooth a pea size amount onto underarms (or feet). As routine contains no artificial stabilizers, consistency may change with temperature variations but will remain effective (best if stored at approx. 20 degrees C). It may cause irritation to freshly shaved underarms or sensitive skin
  • Earn 17 Reward Points
    • Homeopathic medicine formulated to relieve muscle and joint pain, inflammation and bruising associated with minor injuries such as sprains, and contusions
    • Non-greasy
    • Does not stain