Educating Our Customers

Educating our customers

At, we take a three-pronged approach to educating our customers about the natural products industry:

1. Free Magazines And Periodicals

First, we offer a wide selection of free monthly magazines and periodicals covering a vast number of topics relating to health and general well-being. Our customers have come to know and love these hard-to-find publications and watch for them with the passing of every month and season.

If you are unable to visit our store and would like to have one or more complimentary natural products publications included with your order, please feel free to include your request in the Notes section while checking out.

2. Free Seminars and Webinars On A Wide Variety of Topics

Hosting seminar

The second free information service that we offer for educating our customers is a series of timely seminars, given by renowned industry experts, both online and in our store. We host a variety of guest speakers throughout the year to assist both our staff and customers learn more about products, lifestyle and overall health. This benefits everyone and helps to improve our overall service to our customers. Seminar attendees learn from some of the most accomplished and respected speakers in our industry on topics as diverse as “Avoiding Carcinogens in Everyday Living” to “The Vegan Lifestyle: Is It For You? to “Stress in Today’s Society: How Are You Coping?” and “How Good Nutrition Can Help You To Avoid Injury” among many, many more.

3. Ongoing Online Learning Resources

Online learning

The third free information service that we offer for educating our customers is an ever-growing library of articles published on a wide variety of topics available through our website. The website provides our customers with an in-depth investigation into the issues that are important to the organic and natural products buying community. We post detailed information about our own business and what we are doing as a small but unrelenting force in changing how natural products can improve our environment, our bodies, our work, and our lifestyles. We encourage you to avail yourself of this free but highly valuable information on a regular basis.