Our Customer Service

Customer service call

We go to extraordinary lengths to delight our customers. We want to meet or exceed your expectations on every shopping trip and every visit to ChelseaMarket.ca. We know that by doing so, we turn “customers” into “advocates” for our business, and this is what we call great customer service. Advocates do more than shop with us; they talk about and recommend ChelseaMarket.ca to their friends and family. We want you to become one of our advocates by serving you competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with amazing style.


Our “Old-Fashioned” Customer Service is a combination of both our team members’ skill and their sincere enthusiasm in serving you, our valued customer. This enthusiasm is combined with their extensive knowledge and genuine excitement about the products that we offer.


At ChelseaMarket.ca, we hold the following basic beliefs and we work hard every day to remember them:

  • Our customers are the very lifeblood of our business

  • Our customers are the primary motivation for our work – they are never an interruption of it

  • Our customers bring us their wants and needs and our goal is to help them as best we can

  • Our customers are human beings with feelings and emotions just like our own; they are to be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect at all times

Two Basic Rules

Our Customer Service Policy is among the simplest policies in our entire company and can be summarized with two basic rules:


Rule #1:  Our customer is always right.

Rule #2:  If our customer appears to be wrong, we refer to Rule #1.

Excellent Value


In the highly competitive arena that is the Internet, we strive to offer excellent value to our customers by providing them with only the highest quality products and “old-fashioned” service at competitive prices. We are challenged daily to improve our value proposition to our customers. At ChelseaMarket.ca, we don’t constantly bark about having the “Lowest Prices Online” but rather a unique combination of selection, service and price that we believe represents excellent value to our customers.

Welcoming Environment Online & Offline

Happy customer shopping online

Our traditional “bricks and mortar” store has been around since 1986. Its environment is one that is reminiscent of a “simpler time”, where we know many of our customers by name. Many of our customers visit our store several times a week to pick up their organic produce, their locally baked bread or locally produced milk and many of the other natural products that they need. We pride ourselves on having a store environment that is inviting and fun, and that reflects the community that we serve. We encourage our customers to make our store a community meeting place where they can meet their friends and make new ones.


We carry this same, welcoming environment through to our online store, where although we may be separated by some geographical distance, our online customers can feel the same sense of warmth and family that has existed in our store for more than 30 years.