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  • Live Citrus Heat Kombucha combinesŚćthe cleansing power of organic cold-pressed lemons and organic cayenne to deliver an amazing flavour that is truly unique.

    • Lemon and ginger blend together in perfect harmony to create a kombucha with some serious zing!
    • This classic combination of lemon and ginger are blended with green tea kombucha and organic Tibetan lavender for a unique taste that you’ll love again and again
    • The original kombucha that tastes like a sparkling cider or a white sangria
    • Live Kombucha’s Naked Blend leaves nothing to hide and will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy!
    • Refreshing cold pressed organic oranges blended with oolong tea kombucha make this an incredible taste sensation!
    • The sweet citrus flavour combines perfectly with the earthy blend of oolong tea to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized