Produce Requirements: Our Program

Vegetables for produce requirements

We take great pride in the produce that we offer to our customers both in our traditional bricks & mortar store and at As part of our produce requirements, wherever possible, we work with many small, local farmers who specialize in growing a select number of high quality, all natural (i.e. not sprayed) or organic fruits and vegetables. However, given the relatively short growing season of Southern Ontario, we are constantly “changing the mix” of what we offer as each new crop comes into season. We are fortunate to be in such close proximity to the large number of Mennonite farmers in the Waterloo Region who grow their crops as they have for generations, with the use of little or no chemicals whatsoever.

Organic Produce is Key

Organic produce is extremely important to us. We have committed to offering as much organic produce as part of our produce requirements because we believe organic farming supports a healthy environment. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown without the use of chemical pesticides will always be an important part of what we carry at

Hydroponics and Other Technological Advances

We are huge supporters of many of the technological advancements being made in the produce industry as well. Innovative local suppliers are employing some of these advancements growing multiple varieties of hydroponic produce. It is only very recently that these sometimes exotic produce varieties have become available. However, the entrepreneurial spirit is thriving in Southern Ontario in response to the burgeoning demand for more local GMO-free, organically grown produce.

The "Fruits of the Earth"

Red, yellow and orange peppers

We constantly seek amazing “Opportunity Buys” that occasionally happen when excellent quality produce comes to market in such abundance that it’s possible to purchase it at an extremely good price. Of course, we pass these extraordinary savings on to our customers. We are anxious for you to enjoy all of the benefits of high-quality fruits and vegetables at prices as low as we can possibly offer.

"Small is Beautiful"

We also work closely with small, local distributors who deliver our daily beautiful, fresh produce (sometimes only a few hours after it arrived in Canada from exotic locations across Ontario, Canada, North America or around the world.) We marvel at their unbelievable commitment to deliver to us only the highest quality produce that can be found anywhere. Like us, they are passionate about offering our customers the best quality organic and natural produce at the best possible price.