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    • The omega-3 liquid gels you love are now 20% smaller!
    • For those who prefer to take fish oil capsules, NutraSea Liquid Gels contain 1250mg EPA + DHA per serving of two capsules
    • Pure, potent, and convenient portable omega-3 for your busy lifestyle
    • NutraSea omega-3 fish oil supplements are beneficial for the maintenance of good health, and support cardiovascular health and brain function in adults
    • They are also beneficial in the development of brain, eyes, and nerves in children and adolescents
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    • Delicious and complete omega-3 + vitamin D fish oil supplement for kids
    • Kids need omega-3. Lucky for you (and them), our NutraSea Kids tastes so great, you won’t have trouble getting them to take it every day!
    • NutraSea Kids is specially formulated for children with an optimal blend of EPA, DHA, and GLA, plus vitamin D
    • NutraSea Kids is available in a tasty bubble gum flavour. Each serving contains 320mg EPA, 200mg DHA, and 50mg GLA, as well as 500IU of vitamin D
    • Benefits child’s
      • General well-being
      • Immune system support
      • Strong bones and teeth
      • Childhood learning
      • Brain development
      • Eye development
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    • Supplies omega-3 fatty acids which are often deficient in the diet of children in Canada
    • Improves cognitive health and brain function and supports healthy development of the brain, eyes, and nervous system in children up to 12 years of age
    • Contains Vitamin D to help development and maintenance of bones and teeth
    • Delivered in a chewable gel cap and has a pleasant fruit punch flavour
    • Delicious way for your child to get important essential fatty acids (EFA). Ensures that your children have the necessary pieces to build new, healthy cells
    • Taking omega-3 is helpful for children with asthma – helps boost the immune system
    • Helps lubricate, soften, and increase health of the skin, as well as deal with inflammation
    • Increase number of bowel movements
    • EPA & DHA have important biological functions in the central nervous system
    • Good for mental health, including childhood depression