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      • This Bach Flower Essence brings a return to faith – not only faith in God and the Higher Self, but faith in the meaning of life, and faith in one’s own future. People who live in the negative Gentian state are eternal pessimists, always depressed and always seeing what could go wrong for themselves, for their families, and for society as a whole. They doubt the messages from their higher selves, as they doubt everything and everyone else around them.
      • Those who live with such a person often feel that they are taking enjoyment from their own depression and pessimism. At its extreme, this personality doesn’t feel comfortable unless it is engaged in worry over something.
      • Interestingly, even when working with Bach Flower Remedies, the Gentian personality will harbour a seed of doubt about their effectiveness – in spite of seeing the positive results. The true Gentian personality will always be a sceptic, but after treatment will become a “Positive sceptic,” able to see difficulties without falling into despair, and able to live with conflict because he can once again see a positive outcome at the end.
      • A temporary Gentian state can come about as a result of extreme circumstances. These might include a lingering illness, a prolonged period of unemployment, or the death of a loved family member, friend, or pet. Children caught between warring parents in a divorce often fall into the Gentian state, as do elderly people who are forced to leave their homes for life in a facility. Children who often have trouble in school and wish desperately not to be forced to return are exhibiting the temporary Gentian state – Wise parents should keep Bach Flower Remedies on hand to help them when those situations occur.
      • Gentian is the Bach Flower Essence to choose when psychotherapy is having no effect.
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      • Gentian is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve digestive disturbances/dyspepsia and as a digestive tonic and bitter to help stimulate appetite and aid digestion (stomachic)
      • Gentian is used as a bitter, to strengthen digestion and treat atonic dyspepsia
      • It also acts as a tonic, alleviating fatigue from chronic disease
      • St. Francis Herb Farm’s Gentian tincture is certified organic