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      • Does the thought of traveling long distances leave you feeling sick or light headed?
      • Cocculine from Boiron is a completely safe, natural way to help provide relief from the symptoms of motion sickness, including nausea. Whether your next trip involves a train, car, plane or boat, Cocculine may provide just the relief you need, quickly and without side effects
      • Cocculine contains a specific blend of homeopathic ingredients that work to stimulate your body’s natural healing response and restore balance
      • A great travel companion for those who experience occasional motion sickness
      • For relief of nausea and motion sickness. Great for traveling. No side effects or contraindications. Natural, homeopathic remedy
      • Fast acting, chewable tabs
      • Dosage: Motions sickness: Day before departure, 2 tablets morning and night. Day of departure, 1 tablet on departure, repeat if necessary (3 takes in all) Nausea: 2 tablets 3 times a day
      • Free of all common allergens, including: wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, and yeast