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    Condition:ćDry flaky skin on the body or face, also for those who would like to reduce the appearance of age spots and scars. Solution:ćVitamin E 28,000 IU Cream is formulated with one of the highest concentrations of Natural Vitamin E. It is designed to replenish skin’s natural moisture. To boost the effects of Natural Vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil is added to aid in fighting free radicals. Rhodiola Extract is also included toćaidćin protecting the skin from environmental stressors. NOW¬ćSolutions products are not tested on animals.

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    • Sibu Beauty Moisturizing Body Cream gives you skin that’s soft to the touch
    • This body cream contains sea buckthorn seed oil, fruit oil and even whole pureed berries to soften, hydrate and protect your skin
    • It has a super light formula that absorbs quickly, so your skin stays silky soft, not greasy
    • The healing attributes of sea buckthorn oil, combined with the luxurious emollient properties of shea butter and meadowfoam, provide softer, healthier skin
    • Sibu body cream is fast acting to naturally protect your skin from everyday exposure to the elements