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  • Earn 13 Reward Points
    • Emu Oil compounded into a light vanishing cream that retains moisture
    • Natural preservation system
    • Flash penetration
    • Unscented
    • Baby Safe
  • Earn 14 Reward Points
    • All the benefits of Pure Emu Oil in a cream!
    • Experience the extreme moisturizing and moisture retention effects of the Kalaya Naturals Moisture Cream
    • Perfect for the sensitive skin of the face and hands
    • Fusing Emu Oil into a light, absorbent vanishing cream, Kalaya’s renowned physicians and award-winning pharmacists have perfected a moisturizing cream that will nourish the skin, moisturize dry, dehydrated sensitive skin, all while absorbing completely and quickly
    • Drench your skin with a surge of moisture
    • Trust your skin to Kalaya Naturals Moisture Cream
    • Effective for the maximum hydration of sensitive skin
    • Ideal for the sensitive skin of the face
  • Earn 11 Reward Points
    • Experience head-to-toe hydration with the ultimate in therapeutic body lotions!
    • Kalaya Naturals Omega Lotion employs a unique blend of Omega Rich ingredients that feed your skin with all of the Essential Fatty Acids necessary to nourish, moisturize and protect against environmental damage and dryness
    • Designed by a renowned Canadian Physician and an award winning Compounding Pharmacist to lock in moisture for comfort and radiance, the Kalaya Naturals Omega Lotion is ideal for both sensitive and normal skin from head-to-toe
    • “Food for your Skin”
    • Restores and maintains healthy skin
    • Provides and retains hydration to the skin 100-Percent Natural
    • Canadian Made All natural head to toe moisturizer for people with sensitive skin
    • Great for dry, cracked skin
    • Apply as desired