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    • Daiya’s creamy Peach Greek Yogurt Alternative takes that straight-from-the-orchard flavor and blends it into yogurty perfection
    • It’s packed with protein, calcium and real pieces of fruit, giving you the plant-based nutrition you want – at breakfast time or any time
    • Cherry season may be short, but Daiya’s Greek Yogurt Alternative can be enjoyed all year round
    • Each creamy spoonful offers a blissful balance of real fruit and yogurty perfection
    • Knowing it’s packed with protein, there’s no reason not to make it part of your everyday
    • Grab a spoon and seize the day!
    • You’re going to love the rich, velvety texture of Daiya’s Blueberry Greek Yogurt Alternative
    • It’s packed with protein and bursting with real pieces of peak-season berries
    • Soon you’ll see it’s worth waking up for!
    • Bursting with red berry flavor, Daiya’s creamy Strawberry Greek Yogurt Alternative has the ability to turn just about anyone into a morning person
    • It’s packed with protein, calcium and real pieces of fruit – one spoonful is all it takes
    • (But trust us, you’ll want more than that!)
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    • Satisfying enough for dessert, healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast!
    • This chocolate treat is great anyway you would enjoy a yogurt or pudding