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    • Bread and Butter Pickles are an unqualified success
    • Sweet pickle lovers enjoy the crunchy taste
    • Like all Bubbies products, they are made from only the highest quality and freshest ingredients
    • Because they are pasteurized, no refrigeration is required
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    • North Americans have been eating naturally fermented pickles ever since Christopher Columbus discovered the land
    • Since then, the pickled cucumber has become a favored snack, available in more than 36 varieties
    • Even teenagers and toddlers love them
    • In a recent study teens have identified pickles as one of their favorite vegetables
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    • Bubbies takes all-natural seriously!
    • Their horseradishes are fortified using natural mustard oil, not the artificial stuff often hidden in ingredients like “soybean oil” and “flavoring”
    • Their horseradishes are OU Kosher certified, made with gluten free vinegar and produced in a gluten free facility
    • The pungent flavor adds zest and color to any meal and they continue the high quality for which all Bubbies’ products are known
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    • Bubbies Sauerkraut is made from the crisp, center leaves of the finest quality winter cabbages, which are shredded, salted and naturally fermented for several weeks
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    • Canada’s cold-climate garlic pickled with jalapeno delivers delicious heat trailing off to an outstanding flavour experience
    • Serve off a relish tray or add to pesto, dips, sauces, salads, and pasta dishes
    • Enjoy pickled garlic straight from the jar – every day!
    • Cold climate garlic winters under a blanket of snow before sprouting in early spring
    • Following the mid-summer harvest fresh, Ontario garlic is pickled
    • This is where the flavour is – deep, full bodied & pronounced with a moderate, complex heat
    • Enjoy pickled garlic straight from the jar – every day!
    • Cold climate winter garlic partnered with chardonnay wine from the Niagara region presents a truly delicious pickled cocktail accent or ingredient for wine cuisine
    • Enjoy pickled garlic straight from the jar – every day!