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    • Herd mentality can be a good thing!
    • These gluten-free Buffalo Style pretzels have an excellent taste profile that you’ll swear taste exactly like the wheat-based pretzels that you’d love to eat but cannot
    • The name “Buffalo” is derived from the stampede effect that results from opening a single bag in public
    • Proceed with extreme caution if opening a bag on a plane, at a hockey match or in a court of law
    • And if you dare to serve these at a party…well…our thoughts and best wishes are with you…
    • Come on baby, it’s a party! It’s a celebration! Even if it’s just a snack
    • She eats up life by the fist-full, living every day to the fullest. The smile on her lips strikes up the band in your heart and you can’t help but join the dance. Let’s do the twist!
    • Delicious gluten-free pretzel twists free of wheat, gluten, milk, and casein – enough for the whole family to enjoy
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    • Hot Rods!
    • These rods, made with organic flour, are the perfect size and shape for dipping!
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    • The shape you know and love with the goodness that could only be Neal Brothers pretzels
    • Snack time will never be the same!