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    • Mint leaves are suspended in this lovely naturally green jelly
    • Definitely not your average mint jelly, rather it is sweetly flavourful and fragrant!
    • Excellent with lamb
    • No colour added and only available in the 125ml jar
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    • This tiny red apple is prized by many for its beautiful ornamental tree, but makes the most desirable tangy sweet jelly and has a dazzling luminous colour
    • Enjoy as you would any preserve or jam, makes a great condiment for poultry
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    • Just like Mom used to make, this grape jelly promises to deliver true grape flavour
    • Made from local concord grapes and pure cane sugar and nothing else
    • Enjoy on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!… and perhaps a few other things…
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    • This delicate jelly is a perfect blend of tang and sweet, blending tiny red currants with just the right amount of natural cane sugar
    • A succulent addition to your breakfast and afternoon tea
    • Try it in baked goodies and in pan sauces with a splash of wine