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    • This is Nonna Pia’s signature Balsamic Reduction Infused with Okanagan BC Cabernet Merlot
    • It’s full bodied with fruitful undertones
    • It’s beyond compare drizzled on burgers and grilled red meat
    • Take all cheeses to a new dimension with a tease of cabernet merlot reduction
    • This reduction is slow infused with red hot chilies, puckered up with fresh squeezed lime juice
    • It’s sweet and tangy heat for a spice lover’s sensation!
    • It’s most excellent on all salads, cilantro prawns or any grilled chicken
    • Aged balsamic vinegar imported from Modena, Italy
    • Slow simmered, creating a thick, velvety smooth and robust reduction
    • The most versatile of the company’s reductions adds unsurpassed flavor to any dish
    • Succulent strawberries and mission figs slow infused into our aged balsamic creating a more fruity intense finish
    • Drizzle on grilled salmon or halibut
    • Unbelievable in vinaigrettes or lightly drizzled on all salads, ice cream and fresh fruit
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