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    • A classic product that every cook should have on hand for sauces and marinades!
    • One part vinegar to three parts oil makes a good base for a dressing
    • An exceptionally smooth vinegar that is terrific in dressings and sauces and marinades for game and red meat
    • Red wine vinegar is the queen of vinegars and an important seasoning in cooking
    • With its distinct white wine flavour, this vinegar is ideal in mayonnaise and dressings
    • Try with sunflower oil drizzled over steamed green beans  – delicious!
    • You’ll find many occasions to use this vinegar. Use it in dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, fish and shellfish dishes, and all your canning!
    • Highly prized in fine sauces such as beurre blanc and cream sauces
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    • Spectrum brand Organic Red Wine Vinegar is a classic
    • It is made from a variety of organic Italian grapes and aged to perfection
    • It adds a wonderful, zesty flavor to any vinaigrette