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    • Use to grill, saute or roast vegetables
    • Excellent as both a salad dressing and marinade
    • Winter garlic combined with 100% pure Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup from Voisin sugar bush, Mildmay, ON
    • A sweet garlicky sauce suitable for glazing chicken, ham, sausage, pork, turkey and duck
    • Whip into cooked squash, toss into cooked carrots, vegetarian or meat stir-frys
    • Use as a coating for pre-cooked chicken strips & fast fry in a wok for salad garnish accompanied with orange pieces
    • Drizzle salad with some Maple Orange Garlic Sauce that is thinned with oil & fresh lime juice
    • The award winning ultimate Garlic Steak Splash will deliver the BEST “steak-house” style steak at home
    • A great enhancer for ramping up the flavour of your winter soup (Sausage & Kale @, dips, chicken, pork, Caeser Cocktails, or scrambled eggs
    • For added depth & flavour, splash & sear while grilling or frying chicken, pork, your favourite fish or sea food
    • Makes an excellent corn soup chowder and delicious with your favourite avacodo recipe