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Bach Star of Bethlehem Original Flower Essence 20 ml
  • Bach Star of Bethlehem Original Flower Essence 20 ml

Bach Star of Bethlehem Original Flower Essence 20 ml

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  • Essential ingredient in Feel5ive Remedy
  • Neutralizes any form of energetic trauma, integrates the actions of the other 4 Flower Remedies
  • Quickly restores the body’s self-healing abilities
  • The “Comforter and soother of pains and sorrows”
  • Reawakens the personality and leads it back to its Higher Self
  • Re-establishes energetic links
  • Allow one to regain energy, vitality, mental clarity, and inner strength
  • Clears the blockages and allow us to return to normal
  • Good for newborns so that the trauma of birth can be released rather than remaining to clog the energy pathways
  • Patients with psychosomatic find relief when this Bach Flower Essence is added to their treatment regimen
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Bach Star of Bethlehem Original Flower Essence 20 ml is one of the many flower essences ChelseaMarket.ca offers. Take a look at other flower essences.

This Bach Flower is the essential ingredient in Feel5ive Remedy

It neutralizes any form of energetic trauma, integrates the actions of the other 4 Flower Remedies, and quickly restores the body’s self-healing abilities

Energetic trauma occurs any time we experience a shocking event that our energy system is unable to cope with

Untreated, it will remain in the energetic system, causing an imbalance and blockage in the area it influences

Thus, an adult person may still suffer from an energetic trauma at birth. Such shocks do not have to be major life events – they can stem from something as simple as shutting the door on your fingers

As seen, they can be physical, intellectual, or emotional events. They can manifest in personality traits, or in physical symptoms. For instance, a person who has been informed of a financial or legal setback may react by withdrawing emotionally, or by exhibiting physical symptoms such as blurry sight or inability to hear

Energetic trauma sometimes makes itself known instantly after the event, and sometimes not until years later. Suddenly a person will exhibit psychosomatic conditions that have no apparent cause in his or her current life

While few experience the negative Star of Bethlehem state as a chronic condition, some do. In this instance, the person will seem to be in a mental half-sleep. He will withdraw from everything he doesn’t want to have feelings about – such as a soldier who has experienced the traumatic events of war and tries to avoid replaying those events in his mind. Those experiencing the medical condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disease are stuck in the negative Star of Bethlehem state

Dr. Bach, when categorizing the Bach Flower Essences, called Star of Bethlehem the “Comforter and soother of pains and sorrows.” Star of Bethlehem awakens the personality and leads it back to its Higher Self. It re-establishes energetic links so that residues of energetic trauma can dissolve and allow the individual to regain energy, vitality, mental clarity, and inner strength

Bach Flower Practitioners use Star of Bethlehem regularly – because none of us is immune from experiencing traumatic events. Since our energies respond to traumas both large and small, we are often in need of this Bach Flower Essence to clear the blockages and allow us to return to normal

Many recommend giving Star of Bethlehem to newborns, so that the trauma of birth can be released rather than remaining to clog the energy pathways. Patients with psychosomatic conditions that have proved “untreatable” by conventional methods often find relief when this Bach Flower Essence is added to their treatment regimen

Bach Flower Remedies: A Proud History

Bach Flower Remedies were invented and developed by Dr. Edward Bach about 80 years ago. A prominent physician, Dr. Bach decided to leave his practice and focus on homeopathy. He left London and began researching plant essences and their effect on humans.

Dr. Bach isolated and classified 38 flowers from which he extracted 38 essences with which he succeeded in healing patients’ ailments while taking into account their individual emotional states. Dr. Bach found that certain flower essences led to self-healing, as they purified the patient of negative elements that adversely affected their health.

Mental Balance Is Critical

Bach Flower remedies are completely safe for use by anyone, including children. They are natural, non-toxic, and non-habit-forming. Moreover, treatment with Bach Flowers can be combined with other homeopathic or conventional treatments. While it is unusual for Bach Flowers to be used for physical symptoms, it is possible that through their use, the body will heal itself of symptoms as the patient reaches a balanced mental state.

Bach Flower essences aid in changing negative emotions and eliminating defective traits or attitudes in such a way as to lead to the patient’s peace of mind and contentment. Use of the essences aids in coping with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, guilt, worry, and many other disturbing feelings. The essences can help us to improve our emotional and mental state, thus balancing the body and the mind.

Bach’s Early Medical Career

Edward Bach studied medicine first in Birmingham and later at the University College Hospital, London, where he was House Surgeon. He also worked in private practice, having a set of consulting rooms in Harley Street. As a bacteriologist and pathologist he undertook original research into vaccines in his own research laboratory. In 1917, Dr. Bach was working on the wards tending to soldiers returned injured from France. One day he collapsed and was rushed into an operating theatre suffering from a severe hemorrhage. His colleagues operated to remove a tumour, but the prognosis was poor. When he came round they told Bach that he had only three months left to live. As soon as he could get out of bed, Bach returned to his laboratory. He intended to advance his work as far as he could in the short time that remained. But as the weeks went by he began to get stronger. The three months came and went and found him in better health than ever. He was convinced that his sense of purpose was what saved him: he still had work to do.

Homeopathic Research

His research into vaccines was going well, but despite this Dr. Bach felt dissatisfied with the way doctors were expected to concentrate on diseases and ignore the whole person. He aspired to a more holistic approach to medicine. Perhaps this explains why, not being a homeopath, he took the offer of a post at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Once there he soon noticed the parallels between his work on vaccines and the principles of homeopathy. He adapted his vaccines to produce a series of seven homoeopathic nosodes. This work and its subsequent publication brought him some fame in homoeopathic circles. People began to refer to him as ‘the second Hahnemann’.

The Flower Remedies

Up to now Bach had been working with bacteria, but he wanted to find remedies that would be purer and less reliant on the products of disease. He began collecting plants and in particular flowers – the most highly-developed part of a plant – in the hope of replacing the nosodes with a series of gentler remedies. By 1930, he was so enthused by the direction his work was taking that he gave up his lucrative Harley Street practice and left London, determined to devote the rest of his life to the new system of medicine that he was sure could be found in nature. He took with him as his assistant a radiographer called Nora Weeks.

Just as he had abandoned his home, office and work, Dr. Bach began to abandon the scientific method and its reliance on laboratories and reductionism. He fell back instead on his natural gifts as a healer, and more and more allowed his intuition to guide him to the right plants. Over years of trial and error, which involved preparing and testing thousands of plants, he found one by one the remedies he wanted. Each was aimed at a particular mental state or emotion. He found that when he treated the personalities and feelings of his patients their unhappiness and physical distress would be alleviated naturally as the healing potential in their bodies was unblocked and allowed to work once more.

His life followed a seasonal pattern from 1930 to 1934: the spring and summer spent looking for and preparing the remedies; the winter giving help and advice to all who came looking for them. Most winters were spent in the coastal town of Cromer. Here, he met and became friends with a local builder and healer, Victor Bullen.

The Bach Centre

In 1934, Dr. Bach and Nora Weeks moved to a house called Mount Vernon in the Oxfordshire village of Brighwell-Sotwell. In the lanes and fields he found the remaining remedies that he needed to complete the series. By now his body and mind were so in tune with his work that he would suffer the emotional state that he needed to cure and try plants and flowers until he found the one that would help him. In this way, through great personal suffering and sacrifice, he completed his life’s work. A year after announcing that his search for remedies was complete, Dr. Bach passed away peacefully on the evening of November 27th, 1936. He was only 50 years old, but he had outlived his doctors’ prognosis by nearly 20 years.

He left behind him several lifetime’s experience and effort, and a system of medicine that is used all over the world. He left his work in the hands of his friends and colleagues Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen, with instructions that they should carry on his work and stay true to the essential simplicity of what he had done. In a letter to Victor dated 26th October 1936, a month before his death, he wrote: People like ourselves who have tasted the glory of self-sacrifice, the glory of helping our brothers, once we have been given a jewel of such magnitude, nothing can deviate us from our path of love and duty to displaying its lustre, pure and unadorned to the people of the world. Nora and Victor stayed true to those ideals of simplicity and sharing, as does the Bach Centre today.



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