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Belly Ice Cream Company Cranberry Raspberry Sorbet 500 ml

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  • Vegan and Guilt Free
  • Made by hand in small batches
  • All-natural
  • Luxury ice cream like you’ve never tasted before!
  • Jersey cattle dairy milk
  • Handcrafted, with an obsessive attention to detail
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We Are Blessed With Wonderful Suppliers at ChelseaMarket.ca!

At ChelseaMarket.ca, we love learning about the people who create the fabulous foods that we offer in our online store. We’re always impressed by their passion to excellence and their commitment to make the most wonderful foods possible. We’ll let Shelley, the founder of Belly Ice Cream, share her amazing story about how she started this amazing little company:

Shelley WestgarthI was a chef back in the day, with newborn twins, when I made up my mind that I needed a new job by the time the kids went to school. Chef life and family life are not an easy juggling act.  Problem was, my life revolves around food.  So what to do? I stewed on that question for four years. Fast Forward to Spring of 2009, the twins are headed to kindergarden that fall and I still haven’t figured it out. About four oclock in the morning one night, I’m awake, stewing about it, and it hits me….sell ‘something’ at the farmers market! OK…sell what?

Little teaser...I decided right there and then, at 4 am in April, that I would make ice cream, not just any ice cream, but really good ice cream. Three weeks later, with no money, no business plan and no idea what I was doing, I had quit my job and was frantically trying to figure out how to load 500lbs of fully loaded ice cream freezer into the back of a trailer by myself, attempting to head to my first farmers market. That first day, I dropped the freezer off the truck, we had a brush fire, wind kept blowing my tent away, I questioned my sanity, but people came, and people raved. I took a deep breath and decided, it was gonna be ok. 

It never really dawned on me to worry about what I would do when the season was over until September.  Off to Toronto I went, with samples in hand. McEwan foods had just recently opened, so in I marched, pretending I had some clue about how to do a sales presentation.  An hour later, I literally bounded out of the store with 18 flavours on their shelf and the rest is history…

We love what we do and we hope you love it too!




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