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Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot Garlic Dill Pickle Juice 16 oz
  • Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot Garlic Dill Pickle Juice 16 oz

Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot Garlic Dill Pickle Juice 16 oz

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  • A zingy combination of fresh garlic and dill with that oh so comforting taste of homemade pickles
  • Into pickle backs with your whiskey or tequila?
  • This is the perfect probiotic pickle back or gut healthy mixer
  • Kids love this flavor too!
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Company Philosophy:

The folks at Farmhouse Culture believe that they are food liberators.  They challenge convention to shake off the shackles of sleepy, static food. Side-by-side with those unsatisfied, they passionately champion food that is vibrant and alive, for they believe this is what helps us all thrive. Working together, they are cultivators of change. In an over-anxious world, they believe in the power of simple, hardworking foods and that nurturing a happy, healthy and harmonious relationship between body and food, can help us reclaim our well-being and spark a health revival. They are tireless dreamers. As hands-on food enthusiasts, they never tire of dreaming up delicious probiotic-rich foods and beverages grounded in their farmhouse culture.  They share their passion and their knowledge freely to transform lives for the better.

Farmhouse Culture: A Transformative Leader

Every day, you are faced with the challenge of making healthy choices for you and your family.  The folks at Farmhouse Culture are committed to supporting those choices by transforming the way society thinks about food; how it produces and selects the foods it consumes.  They do this by offering nourishing, probiotic-rich foods while empowering you with knowledge that is grounded in science. They believe that their efforts will have a profoundly positive and lasting effect on the well-being of the communities that they serve for generations to come.

Nurture Well Being:

They understand that you strive for life balance. They feel more balanced with a strong body and mind, which science is showing begins with a healthy microbiome (the community of good bacteria, or probiotics, living in and around each of us).  From this understanding comes their desire to provide nourishing, probiotic-rich foods for every person, palate and part of the day.


The folks at Farmhouse Culture love flavorful food as much as you, that is why they are obsessed with tantalizing your taste buds.  By starting with ingredients that are nutrient and flavor dense and then working in harmony with nature, they enable the transformative power of fermentation to create incredibly complex and bold flavors, providing an experience that enlivens your senses and nourishes your body, mind and spirit.

Trusted Advocate:

Your trust means the world to the hard-working people at Farmhouse Culture. They strive to earn your trust by bringing integrity to everything that they do: communicating honestly and openly, never compromising on quality and always doing what we say they will do.  They champion nutritional change and enthusiastically proclaim the health and wellness benefits of nourishing your microbiome.  Together with their ever-growing customer base, they wish to commit to constantly growing the understanding of better nutrition and probiotic foods, and actively sharing that knowledge with one another.


Their passion is to provide you with the foods necessary to cultivate a healthy microbiome.  Farmhouse Culture is on a quest to make a positive difference in lives, which is why they come to work each day with a spirited soul and jump in their collective step, energized by their desire to be harbingers of fresh perspectives, new outlooks and aspirational change.

Thoughtful Stewards:

They believe that together, we can build a strong community, or better yet, a family. They see the Farmhouse as the heart of that family. Embracing the interconnectedness of our world, they strive to make a positive impact on everything that they touch by sustainably sourcing and thoughtfully preparing their ingredients. The Farmhouse culture seeks to uplift our community members and provide a platform for them to better their families’ well-being.

Kathryn Lukas, Founder:

A California native, Kathryn’s love affair with food started in her grandparents’ farmhouse. There, she watched mesmerized as her grandmother transformed home-grown ingredients into simple, delicious meals.  Years later, she fell in love with fresh fermented sauerkraut given to her by the farmer who provided food for her restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. When Kathryn returned to the States and learned how ferment at a Natural Culinary Program, she knew she had found her calling. Inspired by the connection between farm, table and barrel, she travelled the globe studying traditional food cultures and ancient fermentation techniques while working as a private chef.

Kathryn founded Farmhouse Culture in 2008 and now travels the U.S. sharing her love and knowledge of fermented foods.  Currently working on her first book, she is excited to provide a deeper look into the Farmhouse Kitchen.



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