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Felicetti Organic Durum Wheat White Penne Rigate 500g

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  • Felicetti Organic Durum Wheat Penne Rigate is a truly authentic pasta produced in Italy since 1908
  • Felicetti is manufactured the old-fashioned way
  • Slow drying at lower temperatures allows for a rougher texture which allows sauce to be more readily absorbed
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Felicetti Company Profile and Philosophy:

Family owned since its founding in 1908, the Felicetti company is dedicated to producing the highest quality, best-tasting pasta with superb texture and nutritional value. They use the finest quality flour and combine it with pure Dolomite Mountain spring water, which flows directly into their factory, without ever sitting in tanks or other containers. Their pasta is dried in this pristine, unpolluted mountain air, allowing them to create a truly remarkable taste experience.

The Felicetti Commitment to Organic Farming:

The Felicetti company rigidly adheres to four basic principles in their quest to produce some of the world’s finest pastas:

  1. Preserving their natural resources
  2. Promoting biodiversity
  3. Respecting the ecosystem balance
  4. Safeguarding the environment

These are their ambitious objectives which demand the collaboration and actions of everyone in their company with no room for compromises. Their commitment to organic farming methods is a far reaching, all encompassing programme which involves controlled production methods and often demands them to “go the extra mile”. It is not only the research on cultivation methods, responsible farming, total exclusion of chemical fertilizers or the reduction of intensive farming, it is the sincere dedication to excellence which also forms the foundation on which their company was built. Their commitment pushes them to extract the spring water at 2,000 meters high in order to preserve the natural quality of all raw ingredients at every step of the process. It can be summarized in the principle of honestly questioning their impact on the environment and demanding a good reason for how they do things every step of the way.

Raw Ingredients: Where Quality Begins:

The unique taste of Felicetti pasta is both fresh and rich. Its beautiful smell fills you from the moment it enters the boiling water. Their pasta is the result of their will to find true excellence which is what they have believed in and aspired to for four generations. To the gift of the Dolomites, pure water and clean air, they only add raw materials which have been selected with careful attention. Durum wheat which is both whole wheat and organically farmed, Kamut and spelt are rigorously selected from producers who share their same high quality standards.

Working the pure wheat with a hundred years of experience helps to achieve an ideal balance to obtain resistance to cooking and taste perfection, together with the highest organoleptic properties. And they never forget to add the passion for what they do and the pride they take in creating something unique. In doing so, they change an “everyday taste” into something truly special.

State-of-the Art Production Facilities Are Just The Beginning:

5,000.00 square metres, four production lines working continuously to create 60 tons of pasta per day, more than a hundred different shapes – these are obviously very important figures. But the character of their production also reveals the strong preservation of their beliefs in every step of the process. From the choice of the raw material all the way to the packaged pasta which is being distributed worldwide, they apply rigorously the control procedures that allow them to achieve the most advanced quality certifications. Their research workshop tests the purity and organoleptic properties of the raw materials. After that, the semolina is sieved from shelves and sent to the production lines. Spring water is then added and the pasta is modelled into different shapes before being dried. Simple and essential principles which demand constant attention to detail until it becomes authenticated excellence. That’s how they achieve the perfect simplicity of their flavours and satisfy their clients around the world.



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