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Genestra Magnesium Glycinate 450 ml

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  • Magnesium glycinate formulation
  • Helps to maintain proper muscle function
  • Helps to metabolize carbohydrates, protein and fat
  • Magnesium glycinate is a gentle form of magnesium that is less likely to cause loose stools
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Helps to prevent magnesium deficiency (adults, 2 tablespoons)
  • Dissolves completely in water
  • No cloudy residue
  • Great-tasting apple-pomegranate flavor
  • Magnesium is a cofactor in over 300 metabolic reactions. It is involved in the maintenance of muscle function, glucose metabolism and muscle contraction, among several other important physiological roles.  Magnesium helps to maintain bone health by regulating the production of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and calcitriol, which helps to increase calcium absorption and minimize risk of calcium deficiency
  • Insufficient magnesium intake is estimated to occur in approximately 64% of men and 67% of women, with even higher levels of insufficient intake in elderly individuals.  Magnesium glycinate (also known as magnesium bisglycinate) is a highly water soluble amino acid chelate of magnesium and two glycine molecules
  • Clinical evidence indicates that magnesium glycinate has a significantly higher bioavailability than magnesium oxide, and is less likely to cause a laxative effect.  Supplementation with magnesium glycinate has been shown to decrease the severity of muscle cramping: in a clinical trial on 86 healthy pregnant women with recurrent muscle cramps, supplementation with 300 mg of magnesium glycinate for 4 weeks reduced both the frequency and intensity of leg cramps
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Genestra: Your Trusted Name in Supplements

Genestra Brands supplements support individualized treatment plans with a 350 professional-grade products offering in a variety of formats, proven safe, effective and reliable for over 30 years, backed by clinical or traditional evidence.

Related imageQuality Assurance

Genestra ensures excellence through heavy investment and commitment to stringent Quality Assurance. This company goes above and beyond to ensure the highest quality dietary supplements, imposing rigorous manufacturing standards from start to finish. From the raw materials used for manufacturing of the products, to the preparation, bottling and storage, the Genestra Quality Assurance team ensures stringent process adherence. All Genestra dietary supplements are compliant with FDA and Health Canada Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) requirements. They are also NSF certified. Facilities include various ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditations, the global manufacturing standards that ensure quality, environmental friendliness, safety and reliability. Other accreditations include the following:

  • authorization by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHPRA) to manufacture GMP probiotics as investigative medicinal products for use in clinical trials
  • European Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) certifications.

Quality Control

Rigorous manufacturing standards are instituted from start to finish to produce their dietary supplements. They utilize only the purest, most natural ingredients sourced from trusted global, industry-leading suppliers, and avoid unnecessary agents in order to meet the needs of physicians treating patients with chemical and allergen sensitivities. These standards include the following:

Full label disclosure: All ingredients are listed, including non-medicinals; standardizations of herbal extracts to indicate primary active marker compounds; and minerals are listed by true elemental weight.

Related imageIndependent Testing: Validates the quality, stability, potency and purity of the products from manufacturing, to preparation, bottling and storage. Objectivity is ensured during testing by using government-approved and/or accredited independent laboratories. These testing laboratories employ some of the most precise equipment and analytical methods available in the market to validate the safety and efficacy of the products.

Allergen Free Formulas

Genestra has invested heavily in Quality Assurance resource to ensure that each and every one of their products is tested a minimum of three times; first as a raw material, second during the manufacturing process and finally as a finished product. But the practice for which they are most proud is their commitment to providing full disclosure on all of their labels. A commitment to quality is and always will be a pillar in everything that they do.

Dairy Free: Genestra Supplements are guaranteed to contain no lactose, milk or milk derivatives including milk protein.

Gluten Free: Genestra Supplements are guaranteed to not include any gluten protein, modified gluten protein, or hybridized strain protein from barley, oats, rye, triticale, wheat, kamut or spelt.

Vegan Formula: Genestra Supplements are guaranteed to contain no animal, dairy or egg products or derivatives from animal, dairy or eggs.

Vegetarian Formula: Genestra Supplements are guaranteed to contain no animal products or derivatives from animals.

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Probiotics You Can Count On

With over two decades of industry leadership, GENESTRA BRANDS HMF Probiotics are backed by the highest standards in manufacturing, quality assurance, purity and potency. After undergoing an allergen-free fermentation process, HMF Probiotics are freeze-dried in order to preserve bacterial activity and ensure survival during storage. Through scientific research, a procedure was developed that optimizes the freeze-drying process, resulting in both the best yield during drying and maximal shelf-life thereafter. They pride themselves in being one of the first companies to move away from allergens, such as skim milk and soy, to ensure that those with dietary sensitivities can benefit from our professional-grade products. They are also one of the first companies to conveniently combine probiotics with other ingredients, while still ensuring probiotic stability. It is their mission to continue monitoring the development of new technologies and perform world-class research to ensure that their products reflect the latest advancements in the field of probiotics.



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