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Glutino Original Gluten Free Table Crackers 200 g
  • Glutino Original Gluten Free Table Crackers 200 g

Glutino Gluten Free Sea Salt Snack Squares 120g

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  • If it says Glutino, it’s guaranteed Gluten Free!
  • The perfect cracker for snacks or soup
  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free
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The Glutino Story

Live Fully To embrace a gluten free life is to embrace a bountiful life. A life filled with possibility and opportunity.  A life unhampered by “can’t” and “don’t”and “won’t”.   A life where our bodies and hearts and minds are balanced and in tune.

For many of us, living gluten free means living agony-free. For others, living gluten free allows us to perform at the top of our game.  And for an ever increasing number of us, living gluten free just plain feels good. And living is what it’s all about. Living everyday with joy and freedom and confidence.  On our own terms.  In our own way.  It’s not a question of whether our glass is half-empty or half-full, because our glass – like our lives – is overflowing. But there can be side effects to living gluten free.  Chronic euphoria is pretty common.  You might experience regular bouts of giddiness along with a skin condition we like to refer to as the gluten free glow.  If symptoms persist, try not to gloat. It’s all part of the bounty of a gluten free life. Live fully.

Image result for glutinoAbout You:

“I will never go back to eating gluten”

We hear that a lot from our customers.  We think it has to do with the power you feel.  You feel empowered by the control you now have over what you take into your body. You feel the power of awareness of how the food you eat makes you feel. That’s the power of getting your life back. The power of control. Once you feel that power, you’re not likely to give it up.

Our job at ChelseaMarket.ca is to make sure that you never have to live without that power again. For us, quite literally, it’s all about you. Because of you, we very carefully select the products that we offer in our “bricks and mortar” and our online stores. Highly regarded companies like Glutino resolutely guard against gluten contamination. They understand and support your demand for the strictest tolerances. They know the ravages of celiac disease, the pain of gluten intolerance, of wheat allergies and they cook accordingly. (It’s why we partner with them!)

Image result for glutinoGlutino is a Customer-focused Company

Glutino is continually creating the products that you ask for. Like gluten free crackers and gluten free pretzels, gluten free pizzas, gluten free pastry mixes, and gluten free snack bars. They regard their business plan is pretty simple: Shut up and listen. That’s been the secret to their success. They listen carefully to what you ask for. They listen to what would make your life easier and brighter and fuller. The voice of the gluten free community is the source of their entire line of gluten free products. So in that very real sense, Glutino is YOUR company. (Don’t you feel like a gluten free big shot now?)

Glutino has been your company since they started way back in 1983. We are what you eat: In the more than 30 years that Glutino’s been doing gluten free, they’ve learned a thing or two. They’ve learned the value of your trust. Your trust is the driving force behind their single-minded determination to keep every one of their products gluten free. They’ve learned to cook with their ears open, always listening to your ideas and suggestions. And they’ve discovered, along the way, that you are their most important gluten free ingredient. Thank You! And it’s because of you that they continue to grow their family of awesome products.



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