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Inari Organic Coconut Flour 1 kg
  • Inari Organic Coconut Flour 1 kg

Inari Organic Coconut Flour 1 kg

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  • Inari organic coconut flour is made from 100% pure, fresh, organic coconut “meat” that is dried, defatted and finely ground
  • This flour is rich in dietary fibre and suitable for a variety of specialized diets (e.g. gluten-free, raw food or carbohydrate-restricted)
  • Inari coconut flour has a slight nutty odour and flavour profile that helps to enhance the taste of other ingredients (i.e. chocolate, vanilla, etc.)
  • It also helps to improve the texture of baked products and can increase baking yield by 14 – 38%
  • Coconut flour can be easily substituted for a portion of wheat flour in a variety of recipes
  • Consider replacing 5 – 15% of wheat flour with coconut flour when making muffins, bagels and breads and 10 – 40% for cakes, brownies and cookies
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Company History: A Commitment to Quality From Day 1

Mr. Eugen Hauser, based in Montreal, Quebec, was a pioneer in organics in the late 1970’s After a successful career as a public servant for the Canadian Government, Mr. Hauser felt he could impact society more effectively through private enterprise. He re-established contacts with associates in his native Germany and began trading North American grown, organic crops to them. In turn he also began to import organic items grown in Europe and elsewhere and offering them to his partners here. He had a passion for sustainable farming and spent much time travelling from farm to farm to understand the cultivation, harvesting and processing. He also wanted to ensure a stable, quality supply of organic commodities for his customers.

After a few years, Mr. Hauser saw that although his commodities business was doing well, consumer availability of affordable organic products was still limited. With this reality, the idea of the “Inari” brand was born. Response to the brand’s offering was very encouraging and within one year, Inari had secured significant shelf space at major retailers across Quebec and was quickly becoming a trusted household name.

During the early stages of the Inari launch, Mr. Hauser was diagnosed with an aggressive form of abdominal cancer, which eventually took his life. The business continued to grow, thanks to the involvement of his son and other key staff he had put in place. Today, the selection of products has grown immensely and the Inari brand is sold only in high-end, specialty health food stores across Canada.

Ask for the “Inari” brand and feel good about continuing a family tradition to promote sustainable organic farming and a healthier planet.

Quality Means Caring

At Inari, when they refer to quality, it means caring about their products at every stage – from planting to packaging and beyond. They invest the time and hard work needed to deliver on their promise to bring you the highest quality organic foods available. At Inari, they recognize through all they do, that if they care enough, they will do the right thing, make the right decision, and work at all aspects of their business to deliver a product that both their families and yours can trust. That is why they oversee all parts of their business from inspecting the farms where their products are grown, closely monitoring the raw materials, documenting all processing and handling for organic integrity, to doing their own packaging and distribution of the products from their warehouses to the store shelves. They call this “watching over from field to fork” to make sure you get a product that is healthy and nutritious, supports sustainable farming, and makes our world a better place to live in.

Remember: If it’s Inari, It’s Organic!

Experts in the Field

It’s important to the folks at Inari to know the people and the places that their food comes from. Their commitment to quality begins with their suppliers and farmers. They work directly with farmers and suppliers from around the world and across Canada, face to face, to bring you the best product possible. The strong relationships that they have cultivated with their suppliers, assist them in securing the highest quality natural ingredients. By learning about best practices, and sharing knowledge and philosophies, they build the trust and experience needed to ensure continued quality products make it to your table.

Organic: The Best That Mother Nature Has To Offer

All Inari products are Certified Organic – this means no use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds/crops and employing farming methods that are environmentally sound. It also means food that does not have added toxins and chemicals that may enter your body and rob you of health. Plus some studies have shown some organic foods to be more nutritious with higher nutrient values than their conventional food counterparts. This all adds up to better health for you and your family.

Pesticide Testing

Exceeding Standards Even though use of synthetic pesticides is not allowed on organic crops, “drift” from neighbouring conventional crops can infiltrate organic crops. Organic foods must not exceed Maximum Residual Limits (MRL’s) for the amount of pesticides present as set by Health Canada. These MRL’s can be used to help determine that organic farming practices are being followed, and helps to weed out “Organic Fraud”.  This ensures that organic crops meet a higher standard of quality versus conventional crops.

Although Canadian standards can keep our food supply safe, Inari’s experiences with their world-wide supply chain have taught them to be more vigilant regarding pesticide testing to achieve as close to a “100% pesticide-free” product. To do this, Inari is relying on the advanced detection capabilities from leading European testing facilities. These facilities test for a wider range of pesticides, and to greater detection limits. Inari’s internal Testing Standards for MRL’s far exceeds the Canadian Standards. Their testing can be up to 50 times more sensitive than the Canadian Standard. They have adopted the stringent and highly respected BNN Orientation Value/IFOAM Pesticide Guidelines and test for over 595 pesticides that are approved for use in conventional agriculture – an astounding amount!

Their testing and quality control processes ensure that these pesticides do not contaminate their products throughout the complete supply chain involving various stages such as cultivation, transport, storage, packaging and market supply. This results in much of the Inari product containing vastly lower levels of pesticide residue, resulting in a higher quality product for you.

Further Testing and Quality Assurance

Inari does not stop at pesticide testing alone. Their ingredients and products are held to the highest standard. They routinely test their ingredients with the help of state of the art independent laboratories to ensure their products meet their exacting standards. There are numerous quality control steps and tests from seed to shelf that are performed. Food safety is their priority. Their manufacturing facility is GMP certified which means they have a robust quality control system designed to detect allergens, microbes and other foreign materials that can contaminate food.

Sanitation and facility cleanliness is a top priority. Sanitation is verified regularly using current swabbing technology of food contact surfaces. Their highly trained and qualified staff are dedicated to providing a clean and healthy food production environment to ensure our products are safe as well as delicious.

Processing, Storage and Packaging

By limiting processing and using methods that are gentle on the foods that they harvest, Inari can preserve the nutrient value of the end product. Low-temperature environments in processing and storage, plus shortening time from field to package, help to preserve the integrity of their foods. They limit the amount of packaging used in shipping and shelf merchandizing to help leave a smaller footprint on this earth.

Continued Commitment

Inari is always looking for ways to improve their quality. They continually re-dedicate themselves with ongoing improvements to provide even better quality products for their discerning customers.



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