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Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Fragrance Free Deodorant 88 ml
  • Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Fragrance Free Deodorant 88 ml

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Fragrance Free Deodorant 88ml

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  • Rock On, with Liquid Rock Roll on Deodorant!
  • Sheer, all day odor protection with mineral crystal salts and Antioxidant Defenders
  • Plus, no White Marks with this aluminum chlorohydrate and paraben free roll on deodorant!
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Long-Time Members of the Green Community

Kiss My Face is no newcomer to the green marketplace.

KISS was founded by Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz 30 years ago on a 200 acre farm in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley. It was the dawn of the 1980’s.  A couple of (very) young vegetarians are living happily in an ancient house on an organic farm that was used as a hospital during the Revolutionary war. One night in front of a crackling fire, a light goes off and the two modestly decide to revolutionize the cosmetic industry. Lofty plans with loads of creativity and style are created. The Kiss My Face natural body care company is born, starting with some big, ugly, green bars of soap from Greece. But there is absolutely no money…the stage is set for a business disaster…

The boys load the soap and some organic squash from their garden into their aging VW and head to NYC, all the way hoping the proverbial door won’t be slammed in their faces…it isn’t! Retailers offer overwhelming support, think the olive soaps are beautiful, buy the squash and even buy them lunch occasionally. The boys are smiling. They were pioneers in the natural space, trailblazing a path for others to follow.

Impressive Growth From Modest Beginnings

Fast forward to today, the boys traded in their VW for a hybrid. There are dozens, instead of a handful, of brands in the natural space. However, Kiss My Face has become a respected leader in natural body care with over 100 naturally effective bath and body products sold in over 19 countries worldwide. And since their products are consistently better, you can feel confident about using them. They’ve gotcha covered from head to toe … with a few stops in between.

Company Mission

Absorb this … at Kiss My Face, they believe that nature creates the best ingredients. It’s their mission to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care products that are innovative and uniquely effective to make you look good and feel good from head to toe.

Product Values

Kiss My Face products are naturally effective cruelty free. Quality ingredients are extremely important to the founders and to their customers; they think hard about what goes into their products. What goes in their products is on”them”… because what comes out of their products is on “you”! Their products provide great value at friendly prices, with outstanding products for “every body”.

Company Values

The founders take pride in honest, open, responsive and fair dealings with each other, our customers and our retail, distributor, broker and supplier partners. They build trust and respect by keeping their promises and listening to each other, their customers and their industry partners. They continually strive to reduce their footprintŚćby using ingredients from renewable resources and sustainable manufacturing practices that honor the earth and their community. They work with supplier partners who share consistent values. They strongly believe in the importance of making socially responsible choices at both the local and global level. After all, good planets are hard to come by. They believe in having fun and in celebrating successes, both big and small. They sell their products with a dash of style and humor … Kiss My Face puts a smile in the aisle that lasts all the way home!

Choosing Natural

Kiss My Face is no newcomer to the green marketplace. As a company that has been around for over 30 years, they bring their experience to creating naturally effective products, made with the finest ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. Plus, over the years, they’ve tested their products against other products out there and they’ve found that their products are consistently better. They feel good about that because they’re making some of the best products on the market, for you. You can Kiss My Face because it will make you feel great…inside and out!

Kiss My Face pure and natural products are Healthy Your skin can absorb 60% of what you put on it. Kiss My Face products are made from the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Effective Natural ingredients have been used for beautiful, healthy skin and hair for centuries. Their luxurious formulations combine natural and organic botanicals, vitamins and oils with cutting edge science to bring you wonderful products that work!

Earth Friendly

A core element of their mission is having a 360 degree view of how their products (and everything that it takes to get them to you) affect our planet.  They use sustainable, plant based ingredients that are gentle to people and the planet.  They strive to use the highest level of post consumer, recycled content in every bottle, box, display or brochure that brings their message or their product to you. Their goal is to walk gently and respectfully with the earth.

Economically Friendly

Great products at great prices. We all use the company’s products and so do our friends and families. So naturally, the founders want what you want – clean, natural, effective products that are affordable for every day use. Kiss My Face has been feeding body and soul for over 30 years!



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