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Natural Factors Mens 50+ Multivitamin & Mineral 60 Tablets

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  • The Pure Food Men’s 50 Multivitamin & Mineral contains vitamin and mineral complexes important for men over 50 , including calcium and magnesium, vitamins D3 and K2, folic acid, selenium, vitamin C, and saw palmetto extract
  • It is also loaded with enzymes, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients for energy and vitality
  • The Men’s 50 Multi is ideal for older men looking for an organic, raw-food-based multi, and is perfect for vegans
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The bioenergetic Whole Earth & Sea formulas are the next generation of whole food supplements, delivering raw, whole food nutrition with real health benefits. The vitamins and minerals come primarily from Farm Fresh Factors and other plant sources such as lichen, algae, kelp, natto, garlic, tomato, and sunflower.

Food-source nutrients are more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Each Whole Earth & Sea formula contains meaningful amounts of each vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient – not just the minimum amount required to list it on the label! Each tablet includes 300 mg of Farm Fresh Factors, a 333:1 concentrate that starts with 100 g of certified organic whole food ingredients, including fresh earth and sea vegetables, cruciferous sprouts, fruit, and herbs.

Proprietary EnviroSimplex processing keeps the temperature below 48 C (118 F), resulting in raw nutrition that captures all the vibrant energy and goodness of nature. Many of the nutrient-rich plants are grown on Natural Factors certified organic, non-GMO farms.



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