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Nature's Cargo Fine Crystal Sea Salt 113 g
  • Nature's Cargo Fine Crystal Sea Salt 113 g

Nature’s Cargo Fine Crystal Sea Salt 113 g

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Nature’s Cargo䋢 Crystal Sea Salts䋢Śćis what “salt” is supposed to be – an authentic, natural, unrefined and unprocessed sea salt. This wonderfully balanced mixture of essential minerals is in the correct proportion that closely resembles our body’s own chemical make-up. From the pristine coastal areas of the Atlantic Ocean,ŚćNature’s Cargo䋢 Crystal Sea Salts䋢Śćis hand-harvested by skilled salt farmers, using time honoured, hand-crafted methods dating back centuries. Each spring, ocean waters are collected into natural man-made salt ponds. In combination with the skill of the salt farmer, and the action of the sun and the wind, these ponds yield the precious crystals known asŚćNature’s Cargo䋢 Crystal Sea Salts䋢. Their ongoing search for the highest quality, most carefully produced sea salts available, means you can enjoy “salt” just the way nature intended – with nothing added and nothing removed! Why Natureäó»s Cargo Sea Salts? Just as “processed” grains and natural sweeteners become empty white starches and sugars, likewise, mined and processed salts become devitalized and demineralized. The result is refined ‘sodium-chloride’, a harsh chemical the body does not recognize and cannot use to maintain good health. Natureäó»s Cargo Sea Salts for the Cells Electrolytes produce the “energy sparks” that keep our bodies functioning. Without that “spark”, created by the positive ion from quality salt, balance and equilibrium are compromised. As energy is exerted, body salts are lost through perspiration, and excretion through the kidneys. Our bodies do not store salt for future use – it must be replenished regularly, especially during and after strenuous exercise and work. It’s no secret that we are salty beings and do require a diet that DOES include ‘natural’ salt! From the moment salt enters the body the magic of digestion begins. Good digestion begins in the mouth when we chew our food. When good salt combines with saliva to start the process, the taste is intuitive; you just know it’s right! In order to promote good digestion and produce hydrochloric acid, salt must be present. A balanced sea salt with the right proportions of sodium, magnesium, and potassium, along with the other minerals and trace elements found in seawater, fill the extracellular fluids of the body with everything necessary to allow nutrients in, and waste to pass out through the cell walls. Natureäó»s Cargo Sea Salts for the Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food Diet Balanced and natural salt, such asŚćNature’s Cargo䋢 Crystal Sea Salts䋢, with all the minerals and trace minerals intact, promote the body’s ability to break down complex carbohydrates, celluloids, and chlorophyll. Unfortunately, today’s depleted soils now yield foods much lower in natural salt.ŚćNature’s Cargo䋢 Crystal Sea Salts䋢Śćbring to life the naturally great taste of grains, fruits, and vegetables. Natureäó»s Cargo Sea SaltsŚćfor the Active and Athletic Many athletes, and outdoor workers, mixŚćNature’s Cargo䋢 Crystal Sea Salts䋢Śćin water bottles, or place a few crystals under the tongue, to replace lost salt and electrolytes and report less cramping, light-headedness and fatigue. Natureäó»s Cargo䋢 Crystal Sea Salts䋢Śćis the authentic, natural, unrefined and unprocessed salt of ancient times – use it for its goodness, love it for its taste!



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