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New Roots Herbal Garcina Cambogia 90 Capsules
  • New Roots Herbal Garcina Cambogia 90 Capsules

New Roots Herbal Garcina Cambogia 90 Capsules

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  • Temporarily increase satiety/feeling of fullness
  • Contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) to aid with weight management.
  • Blocks activity of the enzyme that drives the process of fat accumulation
  • Improve insulin levels
  • Improves fat burn
  • Controls cravings that can devastate weight loss initiatives.
  • Helps those with type II diabetes and hypercholesteremia (elevated cholesterol)

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New Roots Herbal Garcina Cambogia 90 Capsules are one of the many diet & weight loss products ChelseaMarket.ca offers. Take a look at both diet & weight loss products.

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New Roots Herbal is a GMP‑compliant, Health Canada–licensed manufacturer of natural health products. Peter Wilkes, founder of New Roots Herbal, began working in the health-food industry in 1973, at the first natural foods co‑op in Montreal. In 1977, Peter opened a very successful health-food store in Calgary, which was the largest store of its kind in North America at that time. The name New Roots Herbal symbolizes a rejuvenation of the body and mind, a changing of lifestyles from old harmful habits to healthy new beginnings. The company’s mission is to produce the most therapeutic nutraceutical formulas designed for the prevention and cure of disease.

New Roots Herbal originally began with only one product—a body rejuvenation program—and has grown into a multinational company that offers over 325 different natural health products, sold in over 11 countries and 8,000 locations.

Interesting Facts About New Roots Herbal

Did you know…?

  • New Roots Herbal started in 1985.
  • Over 8,000 stores sell New Roots Herbal products worldwide.
  • New Roots Herbal manufactures over 325 products.
  • New Roots Herbal facility covers 60,000 sq. ft. (5575 m²)
  • Their laboratory investment exceeds 3.2 million dollars.
  • New Roots Herbal’s 108 amazing people worldwide keep on making great products.
  • New Roots Herbal distributes to more than 11 countries.
  • Since its conception in 2009 up to 2014, their Choose to Care program donated over $349,362.23, and is now donating over $124,000 each year.
  • The Choose to Care program donates to five environmental foundations / charities as well as six foundations / charities that help families, children, and people in need.



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