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Prairie Naturals Vitamin D3 1000 IU 180 Softgels

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  • Are you getting enough Vitamin D?
  • Summer or winter, our need for Vitamin D is often far greater than we are getting
  • Researchers now know that previous recommendations for optimal levels of Vitamin D were much too low!
  • Vitamin D not only helps strengthen bones; Vitamin D also protects against dementia, depression, diabetes, obesity, certain cancers and MS. Prairie Naturals Vitamin D3 is made with cholecalciferol, the most readily absorbed form
  • Be sure you get enough of this low-cost, highly valuable vitamin
  • You’ll soon feel the difference that Vitamin D makes to your health and happiness
  • A base of organic olive oil enhances absorption
  • Prevent Drug-Induced Vitamin D Deficiency Medications that can lower Vitamin D levels in the body include: antacids, anti-seizure medications, bile acid sequestrants (to lower cholesterol), mineral oil, Orlistat (for weight loss), H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors (to reduce stomach acid)
  • Vitamin D3 form for best absorption
  • Helps strengthen bones
  • Protects against dementia
  • Prevents depression
  • Fights some cancers
  • May prevent & improve MS symptoms
  • Easy-to-swallow softgel capsule
  • In a base of organic olive oil
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Prairie Naturals Overview

Prairie Naturals is a privately owned, Canadian family business headquartered near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their core business is the research, development, marketing and distribution of more than 150 premium quality nutritional supplements, natural hair and natural body care products.  The Prairie Naturals brand is sold through exclusive specialty retail stores from coast to coast, across Canada.

The Team

Image result for Prairie NaturalsSince 1990, company president and founder, Robert Pierce, has systematically built a team of the most creative and knowledgeable professionals in the natural health products industry. The Prairie Naturals nationwide team work together to ensure complete customer satisfaction. From their innovative research and development division to their customer service representatives; from their shippers to their retail sales account managers, this select group of people successfully combine their individual talents, education and experience in a dedicated effort to create and market premium quality products that support a healthy lifestyle.

The Products

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Prairie Naturals makes products designed to help you “Live the Healthy Life”. They are dedicated to your health success. That’s why they design products based on current nutritional research – so you get the results you need and want. Prairie Naturals products are formulated to fit within specific health categories that include:

  • Colourful superfood powders
  • Immune health
  • Complete multiple vitamin
  • Joint & connective tissue health
  • Essential fatty acids & mineral supplements
  • Bone health
  • Brain & Nerve health
  • Femmecare women’s health
  • Healthy aging & antioxidants
  • Memory health
  • Men’s health
  • Hair & skin health
  • Stress management
  • Health basics
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Energy & fitness nutrition
  • Organic & vegan proteins
  • ReCleanse 7-day Cleanse

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The Educational Programs

At Prairie Naturals, they recognize the importance of continuing health education to help people learn to “live the healthy life” at any age. That’s why they sponsor ongoing educational programs for the public and their retail partners.

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Commitment to Their Customers

At Prairie Naturals, “Live the Healthy Life” is not only their company motto. First and foremost, they are a constant reminder of their commitment to you, of their mission to design, create and provide the finest natural health care products that they possibly can. Quality assurance is their top priority. Every product is tested multiple times during manufacturing, as well as by independent labs to ensure identity, potency and purity. They are proud of their long-standing reputation for quality assurance excellence and exceptional product standards.

Company Vision – Live the Healthy Life!

The folks at Prairie Naturals believe that we have the power to decide to live in a way that embraces our health and wellness. They believe that living a truly healthy life includes living a more earth-friendly, ecologically sound life. They believe it is their responsibility to support and enhance the well-being of others; not only their immediate friends and family, but people all around the world.

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