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Que Pasa Yellow Sea Salt Tortilla Chips 600 g

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  • Stone-ground whole grain yellow corn tortilla chips with a sprinkle of sea salt
  • These thin and crispy gourmet tortilla chips a real foodie favorite
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Humble Beginnings

Sometimes it’s really nice to go back to the basics. That’s how founder Arran Stephens felt when the company began as a street front deli in 1983 and he still feels that way today. Inspired by Mexican tradition, he wanted to stone-grind corn to make their own flavorful masa, hand-cut tortilla chips, keep chemicals out of the kitchen, share stories, and take care of their community by feeding people well. With artisanal flare they’ve been crafting foods to make you and your taste buds dance. Arriba!

Quality Is Paramount

When it comes to quality, no kernel is left unturned.  From their carefully sourced whole-grain corn to their skillfully smoked jalapenos, at Que Pasa only the best ingredients make the cut. Keeping it real as nature intended, their foods are organic and non-gmo. And just to make sure no one’s left out of the fiesta, they’ve got plenty of gluten free and vegan options to choose from. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. You’re in good company.

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Making foods from scratch is not a lost art in the Que Pasa kitchen. Every tortilla and chip begins as an organic corn seed sprouting in the sunny warmth of the American South West. Nurtured by the farmer and the soil, stalks grow strong to produce hearty ears of corn. Whole kernels are plucked from the cob, dried, and cooked complete with all their nutrients, fiber, and bran. Ground between hand-cut volcanic lava millstones the cooked kernels are then reduced to a fine and flavorful masa – much like the dough you’d find in Mexico’s heartland centuries ago.  Sure it takes a while, but anything worth doing is worth doing right. By making their own masa, they get to choose the corn that goes into their products and bake you foods that make the most of every part of the kernel to deliver rich unique flavor, a delightful crunch, and whole grain nutrition. Once you have a taste, you’ll agree. But don’t thank Que Pasa. They do a lot of the busy work, but the corn is the real hero! Gracias maize, gracias.

Organic is A Way of Life

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How Que Pasa’s ingredients begin is as important to the company’s leadership team as how they end up. They want the foods that they make to get the best start in life. For Que Pasa, that means a life without chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetic modification. A life where growth and sustenance comes from within.  A life where all things come full circle and work in harmony. A life of community and partnership.  A life of bounty, birds, and bees.  An organic life.

Not only does organic farming produce healthy, nutritious, food, it supports a healthy, vibrant world. A world of color and song. The perfect setting for a fiesta! A-maíżze-ing. Not only is corn tasty, it also happens to be certified gluten free! So if you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, or are just looking to avoid gluten in your diet, Que Pasa corn-based tortillas and tortilla chips are a great choice. Certified organic and packed with whole grain nutrition, they have everything you want and none of what you don’t – fiber, protein, energy and great taste without any chemical flavors, additives, preservatives, or GMOs.Image result for que pasa tortilla chips

At Que Pasa, they support everyone’s right to snack and enjoy a buffet. The more, the merrier. Ole!



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