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Redmond Realsalt Peppermint Earthpaste 113g

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  • You may ask, why the name, Earthpaste? It’s a simple answer, really. All the ingredients in Earthpaste are from the earth
  • Earthpaste won’t be what you are used to because it is completely natural with very few ingredients
  • The folks at Redmond don’t add titanium dioxide to make it white, nor do they add any foaming agents
  • Earthpaste is natural in color – it’s how toothpaste should be. They keep it real
  • As a company, they have looked for a great toothpaste for themselves and their kids, but have never found it – so they made their own
  • They use Real Salt and hydrated Redmond Clay, and have added Xylitol and essential oils. That’s it. Nothing more
  • No Glycerin
  • No Fluoride
  • From the Earth
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • No Foaming Agents
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Redmond: A Different Kind of CompanyImage result for Redmond Realsalt Cinnamon Earthpaste 113 g

By most standards, Redmond is a very different organization. In today’s business world, many companies exist around the idea that profit is the sole reason for existence, and that employees are a means to that end. By contrast, Redmond’s philosophy is that profit is the means, but that the end goal is human development and life enhancement. This is evident in Redmond’s business practices, its commitment to improving the community, and its promise to provide continual growth opportunities for its employees.


Why Do They Do What They Do?

At Redmond, they’re passionate about wellness and believe nature has it right with products and people. Real products are rarely the idealized image of perfection that many have been led to believe. As with products, so with people. They believe people have a certain beauty born not of idealized image, but of natural uniqueness. They embrace real, and believe it to be the essence of life and the source of wellness of mind and body. This belief was the foundation upon which they’ve built the Redmond Trading family of brands.

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