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Salus Floradix Kindervital Multivitamin for Children 500ml

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  • Iron-Free Liquid Multivitamins for Growing Bodies
  • A pleasant tasting liquid supplement for children, Kindervital is a unique, balanced herbal tonic that supplies bone- and tissue-building vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are important for growing children
  • Kindervital helps the body with the absorption and use of calcium, which is especially important for developing strong teeth and your child’s growing bones
  • The quality and quantity of bone laid down in childhood will strongly impact bone health later in life. In fact, 90% of bone mass is laid down by the age of 17
  • Kindervital contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E. The formula is iron-free, because iron competes directly with calcium for absorption
  • This delicious liquid supplement is made with carrots, wheat germ, rosehips, watercress, horsetail, nettle and spinach
  • The formula supports eye health and provides vitamins and antioxidants to promote strong immune function
  • Today, most children are not eating as nutritiously as they should. The typical modern diet has become saturated with processed, refined foods stripped of their nutrients with empty calories that contribute to childhood obesity. Kindervital helps ensure that youngsters obtain the nutrients they need for proper growth and overall good health
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Excellent Multivitamin for Your Child

Calcium is especially important for your child’s growing bones and for developing strong teeth.  Magnesium assists calcium in building bone strength and ensuring that the body utilizes calcium properly.

Needed for over 300 biochemical reactions, magnesium helps with nerve, heart and muscle function, Vitamin A repairs tissue, strengthens vision and aids in bone and teeth formation while supporting mucous membranes and their secretions, including those in the lungs.

B Vitamins offer “brain food” to the rapidly developing brain of a child and promote nervous system function. B vitamins also promote healthy appetite and stimulate muscle growth.

Vitamin C supports the immune system, helps build strong connective tissue and reduces histamines, which are responsible for the uncomfortable symptoms of seasonal issues including watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and itching.

Vitamin D is the most crucial vitamin in childhood, because it’s needed for proper absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus. Due to the increase of pollution and limited sun exposure, vitamin D deficiency is on the rise, posing a threat to healthy bone development.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the Essential Fatty Acids in cell walls, preventing cells from being damaged. It also supports a strong immune response Kindervital contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as key minerals which are bound to organic compounds for superior absorption. Vitamin D is added for proper absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

Thoughtfully prepared in a pure food base of delicious fruit juices, aqueous herbal and vegetable extracts, maple syrup, honey, rosehip and other nutritious extracts Contains mild digestive herbs to improve absorption and stimulate appetite.  Free of alcohol, dairy, lactose, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives.  Tested to guarantee heavy metals and pesticides are well below accepted limits.  All vegetarian liquid formula.  Packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles.  Certified kosher.  Delicious fruit taste that children love.  The formula is iron-free, because iron competes directly with calcium for absorption.

Timeless Truths: The Founder’s Work Continues

The Latin word Salus means health, well-being, flourishing. And this was the ideal of Dr. Otto Greither, the founder of SALUS Haus.

Image result for Mr. Otto Greither founded SALUSIn 1916 when the father of Mr. Otto Greither founded SALUS Haus the success of the company could not be guessed at. What once were pioneering ideas of sustainability and holistic approaches to medicine have become, at the start of the 21st century, widely accepted. Today’s discussion of the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources is the same as our conviction that man and nature are equal partners and dependant on each other. The Salus concept of healthy living has always had at its heart, the notion that a high regard for nature and the welfare of man go hand in hand

Valuable raw materials and stringent Salus quality controls

The use of modern and proven technology runs through the whole production process and ensures firstly that their waste products are not dangerous to the environment and secondly that the gentle extraction and careful processing of the ingredients leads to a high quality end product. Technology also helps to ensure the most modern packaging and storage methods.

Quality starts with the ingredients. From their preparation, through the product manufacture to the packaging, a complex and comprehensive quality control process ensures the best possible guarantee of the desired product and environmental standards. The manufacture and control of medicines is subject to strict legal and internal regulations, for example the GMP guidelines of the WHO (Good Manufacturing Practices). Additional procedures for organic standards ensure that the customer also actually receives guaranteed ecological products.

Optimum quality has priority

Image result for person looking at a microscopeThe testing of the herbs on arrival at the factory (e.g. their origin, active ingredient content and purity) according to Salus’ own regulations greatly exceeds the legal requirements. All products of Salus contain far less than the legally allowed levels of harmful substances.

The processing of the herbs is constantly monitored for hygiene, quantity and other quality indicators by people (e.g. hand sorting) and by machines (e.g. electronic monitoring systems which prevent misidentification or mixing of ingredients).

Each step is seamlessly documented, and they can step in at any time (in-process control).  Within the framework of a final checking procedure, the preparations are subjected to one last quality control (among others a microbiological analysis), before they go on sale.

Alongside technology and quality, exemplary company policy is an important building block of Salus: the high motivation of the Salus team, their excellent education, training and social integration in the company promote professionalism and responsible cooperation. A loyal team guarantees a trouble-free production process.



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