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    • Oak Manor’s stone ground barley flour has a lower gluten content than wheat flour
    • It can be substituted up to 25 % for wheat flour to give your recipe some added flavour and variety
    • Oak Manor Rye Flour is a dark 100% stone ground flour and contains all of the goodness that rye offers
    • It makes an excellent, hearty bread
    • Use it in your favourite recipes and be good to your heart!
    • For a bit of variety, try Oak Manor rolled, raw barley flakes!
    • They offer unique nutritional benefits and a robust alternative to oat flakes for your baking or for a hot cereal treat
    • Delicious!
    • A high fibre cereal of oat flakes oat bran, spelt bran and flax seed, this scrumptious Toasted Porridge Oats make an excellent hot porridge!
    • Add them to breads or crisps for extra fibre and crunch