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    • A Canadian classic
    • Sweet with a bite this mustard is made with real Canadian Maple Syrup
    • Great as a glaze with salmon, turkey or ham or straight out of the jar as a dip for vegetables, meats and seafood
    • A best seller!
    • A classic
    • This is a smooth Dijon with a bite!
    • A grainy mustard made with apple cider vinegar
    • This is the perfect mustard to pair with your bratwurst and sauerkraut
    • Spicy mustard made with hot white horseradish
    • This mustard pairs well with roast beef, chicken, sausages, grilled meat and vegetables, sandwiches, deviled eggs, and vinaigrettes
    • A great all-purpose mustard
    • This smooth yellow mustard pairs well with deli meats, hot dogs and hamburgers and is the perfect accompaniment to family picnics
    • Sweet and smoky with a bite
    • This mustard is made with honey, hickory and garlic to give you that perfect bbq taste
    • Taste and texture come together in this blend of three different types of whole mustard seed, Canadian whisky and honey
    • Great as a rub on pork roasts, served with pate as well as raw oysters