Our Work Environment

Work environment

At ChelseaMarket.ca, our success is also dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all our team members, which is why we highly value a healthy work environment. In addition to receiving fair wages and benefits, belief in the value of our work and finding intrinsic fulfillment from our labors are just a few of the key reasons that we operate ChelseaMarket.ca. We create and promote safe work environments where motivated team members can flourish and reach their highest potential. As well, regardless of long a person has worked or plans to work with us, each team member is considered to be a valued contributor.


There are many team members at ChelseaMarket.ca who “work behind the scenes” to generally support our retail team members, our website and our customers. Although they are not as visible as our retail team members, they are integral to the success of our business.


Achieving unity of vision about the future of our company, and building trust between team members is a key goal of ChelseaMarket.ca. At the same time, diversity and individual differences are recognized and honored. We aim to cultivate a strong sense of community and dedication to our company. We also realize how important leisure time, family, and community involvement outside of work is to live a rich, meaningful and “well-balanced” life. What goes on outside of work is still part of a good work environment.

Building relationships

We strive to build positive and healthy relationships among team members. The badly outdated “us versus them” thinking that unfortunately still permeates so many workplaces but has no place in our company. We believe that the best way to do this is to encourage participation and involvement at all levels of our business. Some of the ways we do this are:

  1. Self-directed teams that meet regularly to discuss issues, solve problems and appreciate each other’s contributions
  2. Increased communication through team member forums and groups and “open door” leadership
  3. Team member bonus and incentive plans
  4. A commitment to make our jobs more fun by combining work and play
  5. Equal opportunity for employment, with promotion primarily from within ChelseaMarket.ca


Achievement agreeing arms

From Senior Leadership to the newest, part-time member of our team, we take responsibility for our own successes and failures. We celebrate our successes. We view our failures simply as new opportunities for growth and personal development. We recognize that we are responsible for our own happiness and success and that with perseverance and determination, anything is possible.

Incremental Progress

ChelseaMarket.ca continually improves through the unleashing of the collective creativity and intelligence of all of our team members. We recognize that everyone has a unique contribution to make to the growth and development of the business. Stated simply, we strive continuously to keep getting better at what we do.